Andaman ship schedule 2020

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are part of Indian union territory with the 572 islands. Port Blair is Gateway to reach Andaman which is connected by Ship and Flight. Sea roots are currently open from 3 manor city of India viz. Chennai, Kolkata and Vizag.


Andaman (Port Blair) to Chennai Ship schedule

26/05/2020 at 1700 hrs- MV Nancoery sail for Chennai from Port Blair.


Chennai to Andaman(Port Blair) Ship schedule

28/05/2020 at 1600 hrs- MV Nicobar sail for Port Blair from Chennai.


Note: The process of confirmation shall be conducted by 24th May. All the confirmed passenger will then be informed about their booking through SMS on 24/25 May.

Note: टिकट पुष्टि की प्रक्रिया 24 मई तक आयोजित की जाएगी। सभी पुष्ट यात्री को 24/25 मई को एसएमएस के माध्यम से अपनी बुकिंग के बारे में सूचित किया जाएगा।


20-05-2020 – Tweet by Chief Secretary of Andaman and Nicobar

Sailings for Chennai to Port Blair and Port Blair to Chennai  being finalised for stranded. Permission from Tamilnadu received. Kolkata sector after the cyclone. Protocols of MHA will be followed.


State President, BJP-A & N Islands Shri Ajoy Bairagi ji has formed a State Level Committee in which the following state leaders have been assigned with the aforementioned responsibility:-

Shri Jijith Rekh : +91-8001238888
Shri. Aziz-ur-Rehman : +91-9476050509
Shri. Angshuman Roy : +91-9679564537


Please send the details in below format :
(All fields are mandatory)

1) Name :
2) Age :
3) Address in Mainland :
4) Purpose of Visit/Stay :
5) Address in A&N :
6) Phone No :

All the stranded islanders in all the state of Mainland are also requested to contact.

07/05/2020- To facilitate movement of stranded migrant workers, pilgrims, Tourist, Student, patients and other person(s) in distress registration shall reopen from 1100 hours on 7th May 2020 for Kolkata and Vizag sectors. All standard personnel are requested to register themselves via SMS only as per the format below, from 11 hours on 7th May 2020 onwards till 2100 hours on 8th may 2020

1 Name-

2 Age-

3 Sex-

4 Present Location-

5 Final Destination (District and State) Kolkata/Vizag-

6 Mobile No.-

7 Purpose of movement (in details)-

Contact personnel

1 Assistant Director (Commercial), DSS

For enquiry- 09 AM to 07 PM on all days contact tel: 03192-238017

For Registration send only SMS to

1 Port Blair to Kolkata- 9150572319

2 Kolkata to Port Blair-9476039684

3 Port Blair to Vizag-9531907570

4 Vizag to Port Blair-9679506033

Note:- This update is given for quick information purpose only kindly check the fact with DSS contact 044-25226873/044-285220841


05/05/2020- The scheduled sailing of MV Nicobar from Chennai to Port Blair on 6th May 2020 has been deferred due to administrative reasons. (6 मई 2020 को चेन्नई से पोर्ट ब्लेयर के लिए एम वी निकोबार के अनुसूचित नौकायन को प्रशासनिक कारणों से स्थगित कर दिया गया है।)

Press Note

Transportation for Stranded Personnel – An update

The Directorate of Shipping service had commenced registration of stranded personnel both at Port blair and ADSS office Chennai and all the personnel who have registered for transportation either from Port Blair or Chennai are being planned for travel by Ship shortly. The First sailing from either side i.e from Port Blair and Chennai is likely to be on 06th May 2020. (पोर्ट ब्लेयर और चेन्नई में दोनों ओर से पहला नौकायन 06 मई 2019 को होने की संभावना है।)

Press Note :- Transportation of Stranded Passenger by Directorate of Shipping Services (जहाजरानी सेवा निदेशालय द्वारा फंसे हुए यात्री का परिवहन), For more Details call:- 03192-238017, 044-25226873, 044-25220841 | SMS Only- 9932080480/9150572319

Note:- This is a tentative sailing programme subject to change at short notice. The Directorate of Shipping service nor will bear any responsibility what so ever loses (if any) due to any change in the programme.


Ship schedule March 2020

Andaman (Port Blair) to Chennai Ship schedule for March

09/03/2020 at 1000 hrs- MV Nicobar sail for Chennai and reach Chennai on 12/03/2020. tickets will be issued from 22/02/2020.

Andaman (Port Blair) to Kolkata Ship schedule for March

18/03/2020 at 1800 hrs- MV Swarajdweep sail for Kolkata via Mayabandar and reach Kolkata on 22/03/2020. tickets will be issued from 22/02/2020.

Andaman (Port Blair) to Vizag Ship schedule for March

02/03/2020 at 1600 hrs- MV Swarajdweep sail for Vizag and reach Vizag on 05/03/2020. tickets will be issued from 22/02/2020.

Chennai to Andaman Ship schedule 2020

No Schedule announced yet

Vizag to Andaman (Port Blair) Ship schedule for March

07/03/2020 at 1600 hrs- MV Swarajdweep sail for Port Blair and reach Port Blair on 10/03/2020. tickets will be issued from 22/02/2020.

Kolkata to Andaman (Port Blair) Ship schedule for March

26/03/2020 at 1800 hrs- MV Swarajdweep sail for Port Blair via Mayabandar and reach Port Blair on 30/03/2020. tickets will be issued from 22/02/2020.

How to reach Andaman by Ship?

There are three gateway to reach Port Blair capital of Andaman Nicobar Island viz. Kolkata, Vizag and Chennai. STARS ticket counter is available in all the cities.

Andaman Ship Schedule

Andaman schedule February 2020

Andaman schedule January 2020

Bunk, Deluxe and Cabin class in ship
Note:- Due to Noval Corona Virus (COVID-19) scheduled sailing of MV Swaeaj Dweep t Kolkata via Mayabander on 18/03/2020 has been preponed and now the ship will sail for Kolkata via Mayabander on Monday 16/03/2020 at 1800 hrs from Haddo and back for Port Blair 20 26/03/2020. the ship carry only Islander passenger , non islander or tourist who booked tickets can collect refund from STARS tickets counter situated in kolkata as well as port blair…. source Andaman Sheekha

Port blair to Campbell bay Ship schedule

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