Five More Minutes: Moments Like These Hallmark Movie 2022

Fall is officially here releasing on December 17, 2022! What would be better than to spend the weekend watching Hallmark Channel’s new release Five More Minutes: Moments Like These.

Story of the Hallmark Movie Five More Minutes: Moments Like These

This Hallmark Christmas movie is inspired by Scotty McCreery’s song ‘Five More Minutes. Five More Minutes: Moments Like These is the second in the series.

Kaitlyn (Ashley Williams) is a young widow who misses her deceased husband during the holidays. She looks at the family picture and wishes that he was with her and her son for five more minutes. Little did she know that her wish was about to turn into reality.

Kaitlyn’s son Adam Morrison (Brady Droulis) shares his Christmas wish with her. So she returns to her old home for the holidays. Kaitlyn meets Lucas Bryant (Matthew) and realizes that her Christmas wish for her son is answered in an unexpected way.

Lucas takes all the effort to make Christmas magical for Kaitlyn and her son Adam. Then the mother-son duo decides to stay at the place where they had wonderful memories of Adam’s dad. This upcoming movie is a part of the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

The Cast of the Hallmark Movie Five More Minutes: Moments Like These

1 Ashley Williams

Five More Minutes: Moments Like These

Ashley Williams Dodson the full name of Ashley Williams, an American actress. She started her acting career in 1993 in the film Indian Summer and in 1994 in the television series As the World Turns. Ashley is popular for the show Good Morning, Miami. She has done more than 150 episodes in television movies for the hallmark channel

Ashley Williams was born on 12 November 1978, in Westchester, New York, USA, to Gurney Williams and Linda Barbara Williams, and she has one brother. She was married to Neal Dodson in 2011 and they have one son. Ashley Williams’ net worth is around USD 3 million.  Ashley Williams Hallmark Movies.

2 Lucas Bryant

Lucas Bryant is a Canadian actor known for the famous Syfy TV series Haven between the years 2012-2015. He got his graduation from the Elmira District Secondary School in his birthplace.

He got his acting graduation from Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. Sunday Morning, Hate Musicals and The Vow, etc… are a few of his works.

Lucas was born on 28th September 1978 in Elmira, Ontario in Canada. His spouse’s name is Kirsty Hinchcliffe and they together still present and has two kids.

He is 6’2″ tall and 75kg in weight. His eye color is Blue and his hair is auburn. His net worth is $1.5 million. Lucas Bryant Hallmark Movies

3 Darlene Tait as Grandma Rose

Darlene Tait hallmark

4 Fred Henderson as Grandpa Howard
5 Carey Feehan as John Turner

Carey Feehan hallmark

6 Francesca Bianchi as Maddy
7 Victoria Souter as Jenny

8 Masa DeLara as Ms. Polly

Masa DeLara hallmark

9 Matt Montgomery as Santa
10 Aiyanna Miorin as Skye Brown

Aiyanna Miorin hallmark

Movie  Five More Minutes: Moments Like These
Genre  Family, Romance
Network  Hallmark Network
Release Date  December 17, 2022
Director  Kevin Fair
Writer Update Soon

Five More Minutes: Moments Like These Hallmark Movie 2022


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