Make Me a Match Hallmark Movie 2023

The Hallmark Movie Wedding Season is going to premiere on June 24, 2023.

Story of Hallmark Movie Make Me a Match

To alter her romantic destiny, Vivi (Eva Bourne) enlists the aid of an Indian matchmaker named Raina (Rekha Sharma). Boom (Rushi Kota) is the son of Rekha Sharma, however, might be the transformation Vivi has been looking for all along.

The Cast of Make Me a Match

1 Eva Bourne as Vivi

Eva Bourne grew up in Creston, British Columbia. After completing high school, Eva Bourne shifted to Cranbrook B.C. She opted for a Dental Assisting Program. But very soon, she realized that this is not her passion. She made a very brave decision and opted out of this program. Then she shifted to Vancouver so that she could study acting.

Shortly after coming to Vancouver, she got amazing opportunities in the acting field. Eva Bourne has a father who is of eccentric nature and her mother loves her a lot. Eva’s parents always encouraged her to foster her creativity. Read Full Biography

2 Rushi Kota as Boom

Rushi Kota

Rushi Kota was born in Secunderabad, Andhra, India and his date of birth is April 16, 1987. He is an Indian and he has been raised by a single mother. After some time, they shifted to America and Rushi grew up in Queens, New York. Rushi Kota has visited Benjamin N. Cardozo High School and Farmingdale State College.

Rushi Kota has done Automotive Engineering with a double major in Industrial Management Technology and Business Administration. But in 2008, when the whole world was going through a financial crisis, Rushi Kota became jobless and was in debt. Then he decided to alter his career path. Read Full Biography

3 Rekha Sharma as Raina

Rekha Shanti Sharma was born in Vancouver Canada. Rekha Shanti Sharma’s parents were born as well as raised in Fiji. Later on, they migrated to Canada. Rekha Shanti Sharma’s father is a Hindu priest. Her date of birth is January 24, 1970.

Media reports state that the ancestors of Rekha Shanti Sharma are from Uttar Pradesh in India. They left the country during the British period and settled again in Fiji Islands. Later on, her parents moved to Canada. The name of her sibling is Sunil Sharma and her brother is around 9 years elder to her.

She has got training in acting from the Lyric School of Acting and Ivana Chubbuk Acting Studio. She also has a certification as a holistic counselor. Read Full Biography

4 Lynda Boyd as Janice

5 Rahat Saini as Neela

6 Moheb Jindran as Venky

7 Sophia Biling as Venky’s Daughter

Movie Highlights

Movie Make Me a Match
Genre  Drama, Romance
Network  Hallmark Network
Release Date  June 24, 2023
Director  Heather Hawthorn Doyle

Make Me a Match Hallmark Movie 2023


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