Miracle in Bethlehem, PA Hallmark Movies, Release Date, Cast, 2023

The Hallmark Movie Miracle in Bethlehem, PA will premiere on December 21, 2023.

Story of Hallmark Movie Miracle in Bethlehem, PA

Mary Ann Brubeck is a successful and independent woman. Right before Christmas, she decides to adopt a baby girl and raise her alone. But because of bad weather, they get stuck in Bethlehem, PA for the holidays.

They try to find a place to stay, but all the inns are full. The only option left is to stay with Joe, the brother of the innkeeper. Joe is a typical single guy who lives in a house that’s a bit messy.

As Mary Ann spends time with Joe’s family and joins in the Christmas events at the local church, she learns the importance of community.

At the same time, Joe starts to get his act together and finds new motivation. As they spend more time together, Mary Ann and Joe start to see each other in a new and special way.

Cast of Miracle in Bethlehem, PA

The Lead cast of Miracle in Bethlehem, PA are Laura Vandervoord, Benjamin James Ayres, Amy Groening, Teryl Rothery, John B. Lowe, Paul Essiembre, Lauren Cochrane, Kate Trotter, Angela Narth, Darcy Fehr, and Braden Blair.

1 Laura Vandervoort as Mary Ann

Laura Vandervoort Biography (Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Family, Career & More)

The Cast of Hallmark Movie Miracle in Bethlehem, PA- Laura Dianne Vandervoort is a Canadian actress, model producer, and writer. She is best known for her role as Sadie Harrison in the CTV teen drama series Instant Star.

Laura Vandervoord’s  first Hallmark Movie was Playing Cupid in 2021, where she played the role of Kerri Fox. The movie is about a girl who sets her single father up with her teacher after starting a matchmaking business for a school project.

In Her second Hallmark movie, A Christmas Together With You, Laura played the role of Megan, who plans to spend the holidays alone with her father figure Frank. Both Frank and Megan go on a road trip to find their first true love. Read Full Biography

2 Benjamin Ayres as Joe

Benjamin Ayres Biography (Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Family, Career & More)

Member of Hallmark Movie Miracle in Bethlehem, PA- Benjamin James Ayres is a Multi-talented Canadian Actor, Writer, and Producer. He was born on January 19, 1983, in Kamloops, British Columbia.

He is well-known as Casper Jasperson in the 2008 TV series JPod, as Dr. Zachary Miller in 2012 the TV Series Saving Hope, and the TV Series Suits as Gavin Andrews in 2018.

Benjamin Ayres is one of the most popular names on the Hallmark Channel. He began his Hallmark career in 2016 with the movie Love by Chance, where he played the role of Eric Carlton alongside the talented American Actress Beau Garrett. Read Full Biography

3 Amy Groening as Frankie

Amy Groening Biography (Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Family, Career & More)

The Cast of Hallmark Movie Miracle in Bethlehem, PA- Amy Groening is a Canadian actress and producer, well-known for her role as Chicky in the film Bone Cage, and as Charlotte in the television series Reign.

Groening started her career with a small role in the short Cool Guys in 2008. She continued to work in many short films during the beginning of her career.

Hallmark Channel hired Amy Groening for the movie My One & Only in 2019. Which was her first Hallmark movie, where she worked with popular actors Pascale Hutton, Stephen Huszar, and Sam Page.

Later Amy worked in many popular Hallmark Channel movies and series like The Secret Ingredient, Project Christmas Wish, Pumpkin Everything, We Wish You a Married Christmas, and Snowkissed, etc. Read Full Biography

4 Teryl Rothery as Goldie

Teryl Rothery

Teryl Rothery was born on November 9, 1962, and her place of birth is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The current age of Teryl is 60 years and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. The alternative name of Teryl Rothery is Teru Rothery and her nicknames are Terlene, Turtle, and The Ever Ready Bunny.

The name of her parent is Peter Moore Smith. The name of her daughter is Londyn Jean Alana Abrahams-Rothery and she was born on October 3, 2008.

Teryl Rothery started taking dance lessons at the age of 9 years. Since early childhood, Teryl Rothery knew that she wanted to be an entertainer. She started her journey in the world of performing arts by being a dancer.

At the age of 13 years, Teryl Rothery performed in her first musical Bye Bye Birdie.  Teryl Rothery is the only child of her parents and she has always been a sensitive person. She used this sensitivity very well to depict a range of emotions in the acting genre. Read Full Biography

5 John B. Lowe as Gerald

Member of Hallmark Movie Miracle in Bethlehem, PA- John B. Lowe is a famouse actor, director and producer. He began his acting journey with the Hollywood Movie Just My Luck! in 1987 where he portrayed the character of Policeman.

Later he appeared in the TV series titled Small Sacrifices in 1989. As a director her directed five short film and a Tv series, as a producer he produced seven short film.

6 Paul Essiembre as Pastor

Paul Essiembre was born on February 12, 1969, and his place of birth is New Brunswick, Canada. The current age of Paul is 54 years and his zodiac sign is Aquarius. On the online forums, there aren’t many details about Paul’s parents, siblings, and marital status.

Paul Essiembre was studying General Arts at the University of Ottawa. He continued for around a year but eventually realized that his main calling was to be a performer. Thus, he enrolled in Dawson College’s Professional Theatre Acting Program and thereby, completed his graduation in the year 1992.

After that, he strengthened his roots in the field of theatre by being a journeyman and apprentice at The Stratford Festival (for two seasons, 1994-1995). Read Full Biography

7 Lauren Cochrane as Gabriella

Lauren Cochrane is a Canadian actress, writer and producer, born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She started her acting career with the short film Not Pretty, Really in 2006. Lauren married to actor Aaron Merke in 2015, they have one child.

8 Kate Trotter as Hannah

9 Angela Narth as Grandma Myrtle

10 Darcy Fehr as Shawn Shepherd

11 Braden Blair as Theodore


Where to Watch Miracle in Bethlehem, PA?

Viewers can watch Miracle in Bethlehem, PA on December 21, 2023, Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the Hallmark Mystery Channel.

Movie Highlights

Movie Miracle in Bethlehem, PA
Genre  Romance
Network  Hallmark Mystery Network
Release Date  December 21, 2023
Director  Jeff Beesley
Writers Laura Kampo Lennon

Miracle in Bethlehem, PA Hallmark Movies, Release Date, Cast, 2023


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