Nikki & Nora: Sister Sleuths Hallmark Movie 2022

Fall is officially here! What would be better than to spend the weekend watching Hallmark Channel’s new release Nikki & Nora: Sister Sleuths

Story of the Hallmark the Movie Nikki & Nora: Sister Sleuths

This Hallmark mystery movie is about fraternal twin sisters Nikki (Hunter King) and Nora (Rhiannon Fish). Though they are twins, their personalities are completely opposite. Nikki is a fun, free-spirited girl who is aspiring to be an actress. She struggles to pay her rent every month. Nora is a successful lawyer at one of the high-profile law firms in Chicago. She is on the path to being made a partner.

Nikki and Nora are reunited after 10 years of estrangement. They both inherit a small private detective agency. Nikki, who is in need of money, wants to liquidate the detective agency. But before she could persuade her sister to sell the agency, they stumble upon the dead body of one of the lead counsels in Nora’s law firm. Nikki and Nora join forces to find the killer.

The sisters use their local connections to stay one step ahead of the Chicago police detective Scott Evans (David Attar). Patrol officer Robby Watts (Madison Smith) hopes to start a romantic relationship with Nora. So he uses his police connections to help the sisters with the case.

As the sisters are engrossed in solving the mystery, they realize that their twin-sister connection gives them an edge and a real knack to solve mysteries.

The Cast of the Hallmark Movie Nikki & Nora: Sister Sleuths

1 Hunter King as Nikki

King’s Hallmark debut movie was Hidden Gems in 2022. The movie premiered on June 4, 2022. She played the role of Addie, who is the maid of honor for her sister’s destination wedding in Hawaii and she loses the most cherished family heirloom – her grandmother’s ring – in the ocean, during a paddleboard yoga session.

She hires a local dive instructor, Jack, to search for her lost treasure. Jack and Addie get into an argument when she insists that she search with him. They eventually come to an agreement where Jack serves as her personal tour guide of the island’s hidden gems. Read Full Bio

2 Rhiannon Fish as Nora

Rhiannon Marie Fish is a Canadian and Australian actress. She is well known for her role as Rocky in As the Bell Rings. Fish has appeared in 6 Hallmark movies so far. Her debut Hallmark movie was Journey to My Heart, released in 2021.

She played the role of Abby Morgan, a wildlife biologist who travels to a remote part of Alaska. During her travels, she befriends and receives life advice from a Native American family and also finds true love in the process. She has also acted in The 27-Hour Day, in which she played the role of Ayla West. Read Full Bio

3 David Attar as Scott Evans

David Attar hallmark

4 Madison Smith as Robby Watts

Madison Smith hallmark

Madison Smith is a popular Canadian actor who works mainly in Hollywood movies and television series. He is well known for his acting performance in Hollywood television series such as Salvation and After Math. Read Full Biography

5 Mila Jones as Becca

Mila Jones hallmark

6 Zachary Loewen as Mason Grimes

Zachary Loewen hallmark

7 Angela Nisheeta as Sheila

Angela Nisheeta hallmark

8 Bronwen Smith as Alice Rodgers

Bronwen Smith hallmark

9 Blake Stadel as Karl Ashcroft

10 Tony Alcantar as Cliff Kingston

11 Tina Grant as Rebecca Bolton

12 Dawn Harvey as Marguerite

Movie Highlights

Movie  Nikki & Nora: Sister Sleuths
Genre  Crime, Drama, Mystery
Network  Hallmark Network
Release Date  October 2, 2022
Director  Kevin Fair
Writers Diane Dixon (based on the story) and Marcy Holland

Nikki & Nora: Sister Sleuths Hallmark Movie 2022


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