Welcome To Valentine Hallmark Movie 2023

February – The month of love is officially here and love is in the air! Here are a few Valentine’s Day special Hallmark Movies for you to enjoy with your loved ones.

Story of the Hallmark Movie Welcome To Valentine

Olivia (Kathryn Davis) goes through a tough time when she loses her boyfriend and gets fired from her job a week before Valentine’s Day.

Olivia’s sister Vanessa convinces her to come back home for an extended trip and to help her get back on her feet. Heartbroken and financially broken Olivia decides to go back to her hometown in Nebraska.

Her roommate in New York has a friend – George (Markian Tarasiuk) is about to drive out to Los Angeles. He offers to take Olivia to Nebraska (which is halfway between New York and California) but under one condition – a free night’s stay in her hometown. Olivia agrees to the condition as she is low on cash after getting fired from her job.

Olivia and George, the two strangers are on the open road and they take turns driving. Just a few miles before reaching Olivia’s hometown, George’s car breaks down. So he has no other choice but to stay a few more days in Valentine, Nebraska with Olivia and her sister Vanessa. As Olivia and George spend time together, they two realize that their priorities might have changed over the years and love is all they need.

The Cast of the Hallmark Movie Welcome To Valentine

1 Kathryn Davis as Olivia

Welcome To Valentine Hallmark Movie 2023

Actress Kathryn Davis from Six Degrees of Santa was born in Bath, Somerset, Great Britain, in 1989. British actress Kathryn Davis portrays the title character in the film Six Degrees of Santa. In this movie, Harper (played by Kathryn), a single mother who loves Christmas, invents a scheme called Six Degrees of Santa in which anonymous “Santas” distribute gifts and instructions that may be enjoyed temporarily and then given to others.

Her primary goal in the film is to provide a really spectacular and unexpected Christmas experience. She developed a distinct persona this time, which has sparked interest in the media about both her part in the movie and the movie itself. Read More

2 Markian Tarasiuk as George

Welcome To Valentine Hallmark Movie 2023

Actor Markian Tarasiuk was born in Vancouver, Canada, on April 2, 1993. One of the most well-liked performers in the Hollywood business is Markian Tarasiuk. He received praise for his portrayal as Brogan in the comedy-horror movie “Bunks.” He started off with a major movie. Markian played the part given to him beautifully. He is always in demand for both his work and his gorgeous appearance.

His family’s members’ names are unknown. Markian has had a deep enthusiasm for the business since she was a little girl. He used to watch a tonne of films and television shows, which subsequently turned into a hobby. Markian began from nothing and is now one of the business’s up-and-coming performers. Markian Tarasiuk has not revealed what he studied in school. He must have had his fundamental education, however. Markian enrolled in Vancouver’s Studio 58 Acting School. He was able to hone his fundamental acting abilities at the institution. Read More

3 Baeyen Hoffman as Mickey

Welcome To Valentine Hallmark Movie 2023


4 Sandy Duarte as Boss

Welcome To Valentine Hallmark Movie 2023


5 Sophie Bastelle as Tess

6 Andrea Davis as Barbara Mae

Movie Highlights

Movie Welcome To Valentine
Genre  Romance
Network  Hallmark Network
Release Date  February 18, 2023
Directors  Stefan Brogren
Executive Producers Mattie Fellbaum and Ashley Squires

Welcome To Valentine Hallmark Movie 2023


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