Jane Treacy Biography (Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Husband, Daughter & More)

Jane Treacy is an American popular host on QVC who was born in the United States. She is well-known to her fans who are so fans because of her charming performance and the intrinsic qualities of a salesperson. She has been in the QVC for more than 25 years and even though she was old, she was very active and had her daughters with whom she indulged often in many things and never missed having fun.

Jane is not just that, but also an actress is known for her works such as Infinity in the year of 2005 and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in the year of 2010.

Jane Treacy Biography (Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend & More)

Personal Details

Full Name Jane Rudolph Treacy
Nick Name Jane Treacy
Date of Birth January 28, 1962
Age 62 years old as of June 2024
Birth Place United States
Origin Residence United States
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Profession TV Host
School Not known
Collage/University Kutztown University
Education Qualification Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications
Net Worth USD 2 Million as of 2024
Marital Status Married
Famous for QVC Host

Physical Appearance

Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Brown
Figure Not known
Height 5’7″ Feet
Weight 54 kg

Personal Life (Family, Friends, Boyfriends, Children)

Father NA
Mother NA
Sibling Chrissy (sister)
Boyfriend/ Husband Sean Treacy (married on November 11, 1989)
Children Cara Treacy and Deirdre Treacy (daughter)

Early life, Family, and Relationship

Jane Treacy has a sister named Chrissy and she also had her sister who exercised along with each other and also took Zumba and boxing classes per week.

Her grandfather was Italian and he did a shoemaking job also her father got shoemaking skills from her grandpa. It happened at her father’s young age as he was working in the shop.

Her mother was the main motivation point for her, who encouraged her and convinced Jane to join QVC. She got married to Sean Treacy and both have been with each other for more than twenty years she is a licensed Realtor and also the owner of Queue Associates LLC. Before that, he worked for sixteen whole years on the QVC channel, and it was between the period of December 1986 and July 2003.

Jane and her husband Sean Treacy have been blessed with two beautiful daughters named Cara Treacy and Deirdre Treacy. Her daughter Cara is a singer, actress, and dancer who lives in New York City. She is also one who got trained in musical theater & ballet dancing.

She has gotten herself multiple times on the QVC channel with her mother Jane. Just like her sister Jane’s other daughter, Deidre was an actress, singer, and dancer. She was based in her profession in Philadelphia. She got her bachelor’s in telecommunications at Kutztown University and also started in her college days.

Jane Treacy first husband Sean Treacy
Jane Treacy with her husband Sean Treacy marriage picture
Jane Treacy daughters
daughters Cara Treacy and Deirdre Treacy
Jane Treacy daughter
Jane Treacy with her beautiful daughter
Sean Treacy and Jane Treacy’s current picture
Jane Treacy with her husband Sean Treacy and daughters Cara Treacy and Deirdre Treacy
Jane Treacy’s parents wedding photo

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Jane Treacy’s Success and Career

Jane Treacy has been working for and with America’s biggest home shopping network. She was a QVC host for more than twenty-five years. She was only twenty-four when she was hired at QVC.

Most of her shows are completely unscripted and she doesn’t use a teleprompter at all during the shoot. She also has joined the position of Board of Directors for a destitute shelter. She also did volunteer work every week at her children’s school.

Jane Treacy Movies and TV Shows

Year Series Worked As
2010 The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Jane Treacy
2005 Infinity Jane Treacy
FAQ about Jane Treacy

Jane Treacy’s daughters’ ages

Jane Treacy and her husband Sean Treacy have been blessed with two beautiful daughters named Cara Treacy, 22 Years old born on February 26, 2001, and Deirdre Treacy, 28 Years old.

Host Jane Treacy’s first husband

Jane Treacy married Sean Treacy on November 11, 1989, and Sean is the only husband.


Host Jane Treacy Biography (Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend & More)



  1. Ruth. Pullen Reply

    I liked jane but I don’t like the way she has treated Courtney like desperately jealous of her. I like Courtney she is doing much better since she has been with Shawn ,who has been so much nicer to Court.

    • Edna Davis Reply

      Jane was engaged to another QVC personality back in the late 80’s when she first started on QVC. Who was that person?

    • I totally disagree! Jane and Courtney and besties on and off the screen. Its obvious they get along so well which is why they have their own shoe show together. Jane doesen’t need to be jealous of anyone. She is their top notch host, does a great job. Very few people can stay smiling and positive in a genuine way on tv while selling products day in and day out especially after 34 years. The excitement is her job and thats part of her charisma is that she has such a great way of bringing her talent to tv shopping. The only jealousy going on at this network is from Amy towards Courtney. Courtney has stayed professional even when steamrolled over on live tv.

  2. Jane absolutely is so annoying!, She talks over everyone and doesn’t let the other person speak !! Shes so full of herself I say to myself just shut up , I FEEL SORRY for the other host

  3. QVC, pls, enough of Jane Traceay. She talks over other hosts and always has to be center stage. Extremely annoying. I have stopped shopping when she’s on. Why, QVC, are you allowing her to treat Courtney so badly? She is so self absorbed! Sell the product Jane and stop your nasty ways.

  4. So annoying, not interested in her idle chit chat, talks over everyone and always looking at herself in the monitor!

  5. phyllis ciavardone Reply

    Jane is very annoying and does not treat courtney well, also please do not do close ups of her applying makeup products. she does not do them justice at all. the show on February the 9th, she looked horrible. It seems she wants to focus the show on her with her constant talking and repeating herself so no one else can relay their thoughts

  6. What is wrong with Jane Tracey? She acts like she’s on something all the time slinging her arms and hands all over the place and her constant talking on and on is crazy annoying. Constantly taking over everyone and is so so full of herself as she’s constantly watching herself. It seems like she’s on air every time I tune in so I have to turn off qvc because I can’t stand her.

  7. I disagree! Love Jane. Her energy and personality are amazing. Down to earth lady.

    • Jane Tracey is an.incecent talker. She never shuts her mouth! I know she is proud of her daughters like any mother would be! If I hear another one of her stories about them I will scream! I hate when her and Courtney start laughing over nothing and get silly! It’s so annoying! Maybe QVC should have kept Carolyn and Dan and get rid of those two!!

  8. She is annoying. NOBODY can get a word in. The fellow host and the person selling their products don’t get a chance to talk. And she talks too much about her daughters and their dancing. It’s time to change to another item before you can get to see the first product because she talks SO MUCH!!!!!

  9. I thought it was only me. Jane is so annoying. Constantly talking – never taking a breath. She talks over the other person all the time. I dot watch if she’s on. I do love Shawn.

  10. When Jane treasy s on she makes me anxious nd upset with hr constant hand movements and constant talking I actually turn toothier station. Don’t you guys have a directer -She cannot keep her hands down nd she talks talkstalkstalks-
    she never stops!!!! i

  11. Does she ever look in a mirror? My cat could put on makeup better than her.

  12. Jane is a talker especially about her daughters. Once in awhile is okay but it gets OLD!! Courtney needs to go on her own to sell things. Jane needs to cut apron strings for her! Someone that annoys me is Amy!!! Oh my lord if she looks at herself in the monitor I change the station. Also she is obsessed with her weight or talking about eating something that makes her bloated which has to do with weight issues constantly. She is overly thin. This puts a bad influence for young people or even older into thinking they’re fat with watching her talk about her size 2 or 0 or xxs! Who cares!!!!! Sell clothing not a size!!! Always addressing herself as someone who wants to buy finer things like actresses. I turn the station when she is on. So into herself big time! I love Shawn…definitely my favorite!! She is her own person and gives two hoots about being in spotlight. She sells and makes it fun to watch her!! Plus knows her products!!

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