15 Most Disliked Hosts on QVC Television 2024

QVC stands for Quality Value Convenience. While discussing the host on QVC, the first name that comes to mind is David Venable.

He is the most famous American TV personality and author who has hosted In the Kitchen with David on QVC since 2009. Here is a list of a few hosts of QVC whom some people like and dislike.

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1 Jane Treacy

Jane Rudolph Treacy, the name that truly defines the vibrant persona we’ve come to know as Jane Treacy. She has been the reigning queen of QVC, the shopping channel sensation, since way back in 1986.”

She is also known for her fab presentation skills and tactful good salesman qualities in QVC. “When it comes to her craft, Jane is an unwavering force of dedication. When she chooses a product to showcase, she immerses herself completely, leaving no stone unturned in delivering the most comprehensive and insightful details about it. Her commitment to her work shines through as she unveils every facet of the product, ensuring that her audience gets the full scoop.

Jane was born on January 28, 1962, in the United States of America. People love to hear her when she starts talking about her children.  Jane’s husband is Sean Treacy and her children are Cara Treacy and Deirdre Treacy. Her sibling’s name is Chrissy. Her eye and hair color is Dark Brown. Her net worth is $2 million. Read Full Biography

2 Shawn Killinger

Shawn Elizabeth Killinger is the birth name of Shawn Killinger, an American journalist who is currently a host on the Shopping Giant program at QVC  and a news reporter.

Shawn was born on 2nd November 1972 in Detroit, Michigan in the USA. Her parents are David Killinger Sr. and Loandra Killinger.

Her height is 5’5″ and she is 55 kg by weight. Shawn’s eye color is Dark Brown and her hair is Blonde. Her estimated net worth is $5 million.

3 Alberti Popaj

Alberti Popaj is an Albania-born actor and a renowned QVC host who was brought up in Manhattan, New York. He is known for his work as an actor in Still Lives in the year 2007; Susanna in 2013, and Gratitude in the year 2011.

Alberti was born on 26th January 1979 in Prishtina, Albania in the Balkans near Greece. He has an elder brother whose name is Alfred Popaj.

His height is 6’2″ and he has an average body. And his eye color is Brown, and his hair is Dark Brown. His net worth is $7 million.

4 Amy Stran

Amy Joan Stran is the birth name of Amy Stran. She is an American who is an Associate Producer for the QVC home shopping channel and also a TV host.

She has done big-deal interviews with fashion faces like Mary-Kate, and Ashley Olsen, who bagged the women’s apparel Designer Award of the year.

Amy was born on 19th June 1979 in Maryland in the USA. Her parents, Iris Stran and Herbert Andrew Stran, and her twin sister’s name is Erin.

Their height is 5’2″, their eye color is Dark Brown, and their hair is Black. Her estimated net worth is $5 million.

5 Rick Domeier

Rick Domeier is one of the most famous hosts of the shopping channel, QVC. On QVC  he is known for hosting the show Today’s Special Value on QVC.

That is not just it, but for twenty-seven years. He has an energetic and good-looking personality which made him stay and stand out.

Rick was born on 11th July in Minnesota, USA. His spouse’s name is Amy Domeier and his children are Josh & Nick Domeier. His eye color is Gray and his hair is blonde in color. Rick Domeier’s net worth is $1.3 million.

6 Julia Cearley

Julia Cearley is an American actress, TV Host, and also TV personality.  She has been a host at QVC since the year 2019.

She is a well-known person and some of her works include  Once Fallen in the year 2010; What Remains in 2013, and Cry Wolfe in the year 2014. Julia is as of this date a host at QVC and also a former actress.

Julia was born on 25th March 1981 in Los Angeles, California in the USA. She is pretty tall and she is also moderate in weight. And her eye color is Hazel and her hair is Brown. Her net worth is $2 million.

7 Mary Beth Roe

Mary Beth Roe is a famous American television host who is 62 years of age as of the year 2022. She was born on 10th August 1959, in Minnesota in the United States. She is well-known for being a host on the home shopping broadcast Television network and she has been a host who loved her profession which implies she had been there for many years as a host.

Mary is quite popular for being a host on QVC. She has worked with the station for twenty years, and also proved how trustworthy and honest in her profession. She has made a great contribution to both the growth of the channel and also to herself.

8 Kerstin Lindquist

Kerstin Sara Lindquist is the birth name of Kerstin Lindquist, who is an American actress, acclaimed television presenter, and journalist of American nationality.

She is well-known for her works such as That’s My Bush! in 2001, 100 Girls in the year 2000, and The West Wing in the year 1999.

Kerstin was born on 27th October 1977 in Orange County, California in the USA. Her spouse’s name is Dan and they’ve been married since 2003. They were blessed with two daughters and adopted a son, Ben.

Her height is 5’6” and she has a balanced body weight. Her net worth is $2 million.

9 David Venable

David Venable is an American author and  TV personality and is well known for hosting In the Kitchen with David on QVC since the year 2009.

His other works include David’s Food Court in the year 2013; Chow Ciao! with Fabio Viviani in 2011 and QVCtv in the year 2006.

David was born on 12th November 1964 in Charlotte, North Carolina in USA. His mother’s name is Sara and she brought him up as a single parent.

His height is 6’5″ and he is 86 kg by weight. And his eye color is Brown and his hair is Black. His net worth is $2 million.

10 Jennifer Coffey

Jennifer Coffey is an American Host for QVC & TV personality and also a budding entrepreneur who started her career in TV after an audition for a job of presentation on a San Antonio morning show.

She started her work as a host on QVC in the year of 2011. She is one of the longest-serving hosts on QVC America’s biggest shopping network with her unique energetic and fun presentation style.

Jen was born on 5th January 1975 in Texas, USA. Her husband’s name is Todd Coffey and her daughter’s name is Gabby.

Her height is 5’6″ inch and she has a slim and sporty body type. And her eye color is Blue: her hair is Blonde. Her net worth is $5 million.

11 Sandra Bennett

Sandra Bennett is an American actress and popular TV personality and anchor and TV host. She worked as a host for an American Home shopping channel QVC, which is a very popular shopping channel in America.

Sandra was born on 14th July 1970 in California in the USA. Her father was a military person and she had four siblings. She was married to Adam on 21st February 2009. She also adopted an Asian side girl named Ava.

Sandra’s height is 5’5″ feet and she 59 kg by weight. And her eye color is Brown, and her hair is shoulder-length and Brown.

12 Jayne Brown

Jayne Brown is an American TV host who had an interest in fashion from an early age and pursued a profession of the same kind.

She was born in 1962 in Westchester, Pennsylvania in the USA. She grew up with her mother and sister. Her sister’s name is Cathy. Her husband’s name is James Brown, and they were blessed with two children Lauren and Chelsea.

QVC Host Jayne’s eye color is Dark Brown and her hair is Black. Her net worth is $5 million.

13 Leah Williams

Leah Williams is an American TV host at QVC and before that she was working in an advertising agency in Northern California. She got into the spot when she was working in Q2, a sister station of QVC.

Later that year she joined QVC 1996. Leah was born on 4th March 1961 in California in the USA. Her parents are Brad Leland and Ramsay Williams.

Her height is 5’4″ and she has a moderate weight. And her eye color is Dark Brown and her hair is Black. Her net worth is $1 million.

14 Kim Gravel

Kim Gravel is an American tv personality, public speaker, entrepreneur, industry leader, and more and most of all she’s one of those people’s people (people person). The phrase doesn’t just end with that because she more a lot like not merely the person but the one who wants to see people rise as they live not just exist.

She‘s a woman of sense, seriously like she has this authentic common sense which is not very common and it took her to be booked in most times on the Steve Harvey show.

It was as good as the weekly hit docu-series, Kim of Queens on the Lifetime Network. In the year of 2016, she was partnering with the TV and online retail giant QVC in order to launch her highly successful and spoken a lot about amongst people apparel line, Belle by Kim Gravel, and the very next year the Belle Beauty cosmetic line. Read Full Biography

15 Ali Carr

Ali is a Brazil-born popular television personality and TV presenter for QVC. Ali was born on 16th of July in Luziania, Brazil in South America. Her mother’s name is Jill Chachere.

Ali’s spouse’s name is George Carr and they got married on 30th May 2011 it’s said that she was eighteen when she met her husband.

Her daughter is Violent and she has a son whose name is Henry. Her height is 5’5″ and she has a slim body type. And her eye color is Dark Brown and her hair is Black. Her net worth is $5 million.

16 Valerie Parr Hill

Valerie Parr Hill is an American TV personality, author, decor designer, and businesswoman. She is popularly known for being the QVC TV host.

Valerie Parr was born on 25 April 1958 in Rochester, Minnesota, the United States, to Joan Lykins Parr and Dr. Eugene Q Parr. She has two younger brothers, Eugene Parr Jr. and Jeffrey W. Parr. At 16, she won the title ” Junior Miss Fayette County Pageant” in 1974.

She married William Hill in 1985 and has two sons. As said, she became popular after joining QVC as an anchor; she debuted in 1993 when her son was only 6 months old.

Valerie Parr Hill’s estimated net worth is approx. USD 1 million. Her hair color is black with brown eyes.

Some former dislike hosts of QVC

Deanna Fontanez

Most Disliked Host On QVC

Deanna Fontanez is a model and actress and one of the popular hosts on QVC tv. She is famous as QVC Host, Incredible Human. Deanna started her career as a model and worked as a TV model in 2006.

She is one of the popular media personalities. She worked for QVC in 2006 and Incredible Human Machine in 2007, and she acted in many short films and documentaries.

Deanna Fontanez was born on 30 April 1983 in the United States. She is not married and is currently in a relationship. Her height is 5’9 feet with the average body weight and a body measurement of 35-27-37 inches with Hazel eyes and brown hair. Her estimated net worth is around $1.2 million.

Renne Greenstein [Former QVC Host]

Most Disliked Host On QVC

Renne Greenstein is a model, former QVC host, and Popular Fashionista. She is the founder of Attitudes by Renee and Women with Control.
Renee was born 04 January 1951 in the United States and holds the nationality of America. She married Justin Greenstein in 1991 and has one son, Corey Justin, and one granddaughter, and one grandson. She is one of the former QVC hosts.

Doris Dalton

Dr. Doris Martineaux Dalton is the full name of Doris Dalton. She is a wellness doctor and a businesswoman. She was the founder of doll10 in 2005, formally known as Dalton Cosmetics; it is one of the popular brands of cosmetics.
Dr. Doris Dalton was born in Pennsylvania. She married in 1998 and had a son, and she has a grandson born in 2020.

Laura Geller

Laura Geller was born in 1958 and grew up in Rockland County, New York, United States, as of 2021; her current age is around 63. She is very much interested in beauty, even at age 13. She is one of the American Beauticians, hosts, and famous businesswomen.

Host Laura Geller is the founder of laurageller.com, and this website is completely comprised of make-up, cosmetics, and beauty products. Her estimated net worth is 4 million USD, and her hair color and eye color are brown.

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Elise Ivy

Elise Ivy is an American TV Presenter and host; she is popularly known as the QVC host. She was born on 19 April 1981 in Austin, Texas, United States, and completed her school in Austin. Ivy was very much interested in fashion, beauty, and health products.

Elise Ivy’s height is around 5.7 feet with average body weight, and her estimated net worth is $100k to $500k. Elise has silky brown hair of brown color with a blonde shade and small brown eyes.

She won many awards in the competition for gymnasts at the school. She started her career as a fitness trainer, and later she became a beauty expert and played a vital role as an anchor for the shopping QVC channel.

Leslie Blodgett

Leslie Blodgett is an American. She is the founder of the world’s first mineral-based cosmetics line, bareMinerals. She also played a role in Neutrogena.

Leslie was born on 23rd August 1962 in Smithtown of Long Island, New York, in the USA. Her mother’s name is Sylvia Abualy, and her father is Stanley Abualy. She had two siblings, Gerland Abualy and Colaine Abualy.

Her spouse’s name is Keith Blodgett, and they are still together. Her eye color is Brown, and her hair is brown, too. Leslie’s net worth is $400 million.

Tara McConnell

Tara McConnell is an owner and founder of a multi-million dollar firm which she started from the very scratch of beginning and also she was a part of QVC and so she was also called QVC Queen.

She was born on 1st February 1974. Her mother’s name is Gail McConnell. She married Ed Tesher and has changed her last name to Tara McConnell Tesher as well. Her eye color is grey and her hair is blonde. Her net worth is $2 million.

Dave King

Dave King is an actor, host, and singer who has appeared in many hit TV shows and programs. Some of them include NCIS, Black-ish, Criminal Minds, etc.

He has also acted in commercials, infomercials, and also a huge number of voice-overs. Mike Gordon, is in the center of the love triangle with Mimi and Derek, and a lot more.

His height is 6′ and of average weight. His eye color is Dark Brown and his hair is Black.

Bob Bowersox

Robert Tracey Bowersox is the birth name of Bob Bowersox, who is an American actor and writer. He is well-known for his works which include, Burn After Reading in the year 2008; A Perfect Murder in 1998; and Muti in the year 2022.

Bob lives in Pennsylvania in the USA. He has German, Italian, and South American accents. As for the vocal type, it’s a Baritone.

His height is 6 feet and he is 67 kg in weight. Bob Bowersox’s eye color is Hazel and his hair is brown. His net worth is $1 million.

Dan Wheeler

Daniel Michael Wheeler is the full name of Dan Wheeler, who is known for his, National League Championship Series in the year 2004, World Series in 2008, and Sunday Night Baseball in the year 1990.

Dan was born on 10th December 1977 in Providence, Rhode Island in the USA. He completed his Bachelor’s from US State University.

His height is 5’7″ Feet and he is 66 kg by weight. Daniel Michael Wheeler’s eye color is brown and his hair color is black. His net worth is $6 million.

Jacque Gonzales

Jacque Gonzales is an American TV host who has been working for QVC (a shopping channel) since 2002 as a host. Before QVC, she was a radio personality and programmer on the radio.

Jacque was born on the 13th August in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the USA. She is an American who has Spanish-American ethnicity. Her spouse’s name is Jim Noell, whom she married on 26th June 2004.

And her eye color is Brown and her hair is Black. Her net worth is $3 million.

Albany Irvin

Albany Ann Irvin is the birth name of the American TV host Albany Irvin, who works as a QVC shopping channel host. She has also been a Brand strategist for QVC.

Albany was born on 30th September in Louisiana, in the USA. She wanted to be in a dental college in her early academic years. Her height is 5’8″ and she is 59 kg by weight with a slim build. Her eye color is Hazel and her hair is Red.

Most Disliked Host On QVC | QVC fired Host 2024 | Fired QVC hosts



      • Love Leah, but please get a different haircut. You can hardly see your lovely face with all that hair. Not so noticeable when she was heavier.

        • Agree. The bigger & wider that hairstyle gets actually make it look as though she’s gained weight. A smoother, sleeker style keeps her fresh and youthful appearance. She looks fabulous for her age, but the lack of style is overpowering

          • Hope you caught Leah tonight on qvc 2. Her hair is shorter and she looks adorable !

          • Leah you look fabu now and even when you were thicker..I’m happy you changed your beautiful hair..you wear anything very well.. keep being true to who you are 🥰🙌🏽🙏🏽🤗💯❤️

        • Edna Brizzle Reply

          Yes!! She needs to change that weave to a shorter more manageable style.

        • Kay Eckrich Reply

          All of them are great. Really can’t explain David He has that magic that no one else has. He conveys trust, honesty and a genuine kindness. A charisma you really can’t explain but it’s there. 👍😃
          Trust, Make the show about the product and the guest and not himself. Magic.

          • I absolutely cannot believe that one of my fave hosts, Dan Hughes, was just let go from QVC, along with Carolyn Gracie. When I first started watching the Q around 1999, Dan & Pat were hosting the Morning Show, and I loved watching them.

            Carolyn Gracie? You dumped her and hung on to the likes of Jane Treacy and Shawn Killinger ?

            I guess that really shouldn’t come as a surprise after you dumped Antonella when she was suffering from cancer.

            😏 Paybacks are a Bitch, QVC. Sorry to hear that your company lost a boatload of money recently. What goes around comes around.

        • Higheelsneakers Reply

          Listen, I’ve always turned to another channel when Jane Treacy is presenting! Her voice is so annoying and her presentations are way over the top! She should have Canned Years ago! Yeah I said it!

        • I wonder why none of her friends or family try to tell Leah to trim her hair
          I rarely watch her shows because I find her wig distractive. She’s a beautiful and lovely woman and here’s hoping for a change

          • That woman has such a fake and ugly laugh.

    • I host I can not watch is Jane Treacy! Saw her many many years ago using her sweet voice selling an item. For a spit second, she thought she was off air and started yelling at someone on stage for not doing what she wanted him to do. The minute she realized she was on air, she went back to her fake sweet voice. I know the only reason she got her job was because her husband was high up on the chain fir QVC. But he is now not with QVC and you would think if they want to get rid of some of the hosts, I would get rid of Jane. Every time she is on, I turn the channel. Knowing how fake she is makes me wonder how I could trust what she says about anything she is trying to sell.

      • Jane Treacy was a geek 20 years ago, and she’s a geek now. We shut off the volume when she’s on.

        • Nancy McKechnie Reply

          Jane Treacy. She thinks she’s
          so funny! Talks too much. Needs to
          find a diet that works!

          • Ali vCard is the one that talks to much. I honestly think she is on something!

          • Wow, I have also noticed how much weight Jane Treacy has gained/is gaining. Maybe THAT will get her booted from her hosting duties!!!! She is TOO annoying, ALL THE TIME!!

          • Edna Brizzle

            Yes!! She needs to change that weave to a shorter more manageable style.

          • Denise L Gauthier

            I tune out when Jane is on, very fake haven’t like her from days is Silver Style. Back in the day came across as sarcastic, fake still, phony and absolutely no style needs a makeover.

          • Sue dignoti

            I agree Jane Tracy is getting so big and a phony at that I can not watch when she is on.Qvc should let her go

          • Well Jane is ok. But last night she wasy rude to the other host. She is new and I don’t remember her name. She is a tiny young woman with beautiful long black hair. She has been doing a good job. Well Jane spoke down to her. The young lady had enough. She blasted Jane in a. nice way, since she was on air. Jane showed her true colors last night. I love QVC. But Jane needs to tone it down. You may loose some customers on account of that person.

          • I laugh every time Jane says she is in a small!
            BUT, I do love to see her dance! She slithers! 😆

          • QVC needs to fire Jane, a nasty woman, Kerstin who thinks she’s an expert on health, Sandra who’s always interrupting the guests, Shawn that thinks she’s the greatest and all those fairly new hosts that don’t know what to say, or forget their words and are awful to look at. For these reasons I no longer watch QVC shows.

          • Maggie L

            Jane, Jane, Jane, PLEASE! Stop talking over EVERYONE u come in contact with.
            I watch your shows with the sound off!!

        • I agree. I too saw the same thing. I cannot stand Jane Tracey. She seems totally fake. She constantly gleefully announces she is a size XS or Small on clothes she is modeling. PUHLEEZE…..SHE IS A FAT OOMPALOOMPA! Have you gotten a look at her wide load hips & back side? At the very least she is a LG. More likely XL.

          Don’t get me started on her disgusting hobbit feet! Why oh why is she modeling & proudly displaying those hooves in sandals & open toed shoes. There ought to be a to law!

          She is a. head to toe walking, talking age spot. Not to mention when they do a close up on her face…her crows feet scare me. They encompass both of her eyes completely. They look like crumpled brown paper bags. Nothing short of an iron will smooth those out.Yet she swears the eye products she’s pushing have worked wonders for her & will for you too. Uugghh!


          • Everyone that is commenting on Jane Tracy is SPOT on..she is really phoney! She left the show years ago and I said HORRAY! Then she came back 👎👎 I do not watch her shows..and never will. I’m sorry but she acts so excited about a product and you know she is facing it! If the hosts would be just honest, trustworthy about talking about a product instead of really trying to push push it..it would be more believable! As we women know all these lotions really do not that much for us it is fun to watch what they say it will do but doesn’t ..🤣🤣

          • I agree and then some. Aside from being FAKE. She is deceitful and a liar. She loves to disclose someone’s age if it suits her needs. Meaning she not feeling like the oldest person on tv or in the room. One thing she has been doing lately is; Since co-hosting with Courtney K. She lies, stating Courtney is 30 yrs younger when she is 26.5 yrs younger in order to give a false reason as to why she looks so old. Someone should tell Jane not all 60 yr old aren’t wrinkled and spotted as she. She is in violation of law being; she usually states this lie when they are presenting skin care and cosmetics. I’m surprised QVC legal has not contacted her! I am also surprised she hasn’t called out Courtney K plastic surgery.

          • Barbara Levy

            I agree about Jane Tracy. I have been watching QVC when they was CVN. I still watch QVC but not as much as I did. The shows a very boring. They used to have great crafting, crystal. Now it’s shoes shoes and more shoes and cuddle duds and more of the same boring shows.

          • I turn the channel when phony Jen Coffey, and Kristen L. Is on. I would like to shop but I can’t stand their phony and intitled attitude .

          • Still amazed that Jane keeps saying she is a small!! No way..I must be a xxs then. And I know I’m not. Who does she think she is fooling? Completely FALSE. please stop with the constant 2 daughter crap! They DONT WORK AT QVC.

          • Edna Brizzle

            Jane Tracey is like nails on a chalk board. The Shoe Shopping show she does with Courtney is almost unwatchable. Courtney’s too long hair extensions make her look like Morticia Adam’s. She wears way too much makeup which ages her. She’s had an obvious nose job. Sad because she would be half way decent enough looking.

          • Sue dignoti

            I agree Jane Tracy is getting so big and a phony at that I can not watch when she is on.Qvc should let her go

        • I usually would not comment….but week after week Jane Treacy drives me crazy with her nonstop talking. Most of it makes little sense. Plus always talking about her size. Small!! I’ve got a bridge to sell you. Love the other hosts especially Carolyn Gracie❤️

          • Barbara Levy

            You can sell the George Washington Bridge. I live two blocks from the bridge. Very boring shows”. David Venable was the host for Fenton art glass and many more interesting shows.

          • millie johnson

            no way she a small, girl what mirror are you looking in.

          • Candace Crocker

            I wish that they would unload Jane Brown! Years and years ago she was very rude to a guest and I haven’t liked her since. She bumbles her way through a lot of shows sounding totally unprepared. Forget Gourmet Holiday when she’s the host because all she does is feed her face and reach & grab In front of other hosts like it’s her last meal!

          • Can Jane T and Rick D
            Please your vendors are loosing possible sales daily

        • They are not all show hosts. Some are models and others are vendors.

          • Karen RN

            I like Jane she can drive me nuts real fast She is so in love with Courtney. She told her this abt 4 times the other night.I m’ glad she mentoring her, but I don’t think she needs now. oh well!!

        • Can’t stand her. She is shrill and over-the- top! Will not watch.

          • Yes, I agree fully. It’s all about Jane and not focusing on selling the product. Too bad Jane use to be a good host but not anymore. I turn QVC off when she’s on.

          • I am a Single Senior, so my thoughts are coming from that perspective. I do not watch QVC to be entertained by fake, toothy smiling hosts with all kinds of quirky and
            supposedly endearing mannerisms and flinging arm movements. I’ m not sure what has happened to Leah Williams but she seems to have become unhinged. I am currently watching Jane Brown – pleasant, professional, sincere, with a sense that she is there to sell a product and not become your favorite comedian. Carolyn and Mary Beth are some favorites. I miss Lisa Robertson and Jill Bauer. Many of the newer younger hosts seem to have had the same instruction on how to project their performance. Hmmmm! Just saying!

          • I didn’t pay that much attention to Jane Treacy until about a month ago &, all of a sudden, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Cannot stand her!!! Her whiny voice is so annoying I have to mute or change the channel when she’s on. Cannot take one more second of her blabbering & bragging about herself & her daughters. UGH ~ get rid of her!!!

          • Jane treacy never shuts her mouth. She interrupts everyone. Courtney khondabi should pair up with someone else. I can’t watch when Jane is on. Please someone help that woman put on the right clothes for her shape. Jane shut up.

          • I can’t believe so much hate about Jane Tracy… Why are u ppl so mean? I’ve been watching QVC for more than 20 years yes at times some of the hosts are a bit repetitious but let’s face it they are selling merchandise. I like James Tracy
            DON’T BE SUCH HATERS!

        • I totally agree with the comments of others…Jane Treacy is one of the worse QV hosts. Poor Courtney and other co-hosts she shares a show with..she never allows them to talk, she talks over them and continually continually interrupts. Jane is constantly tugging on her shirt or sweater and thinks she is the star of the show. Time to retire!

          • I don’t care for any hosts. One is worse than the other. I’d never talk to phony people on air. On the top of the list..Elf Jane Tracy…and Shawnee Sue. Ugh…

          • Jane keeps tugging on her too tight clothing because it’s like the Grinch’s heart ….. Two sizes too small.

          • I used to love watching Jennifer Coffey.,But now she is getting so annoying with being so dramatic,, talking too fast and not letting anyone else get a word in when describing a product. Go back to being your old self Jennifer and show the classy lady that I loved watching.!

          • I can’t tel if Kourtney is Jane’s girl crush, or if she’s her new favorite daughter. Whether they are cohosting or working solo, Jane can’t stop talking about her. It’s very weird and a little a unsettling.

          • millie johnson

            please yes let’s don’t for get kristin

          • The worst is Shawn killing me and Jennifer Coffey and never leave out Ali the only thing they try and sell is themselves . Turn them before they can say a word .soooo obnoxious

          • Adelina

            Jane Tracy is just so annoying.She always has to brag about wearing an extra small or a small.Cut me a break,She hasn’t seen those sizes since she was in the cradle.Lol.

          • My gosh such harsh criticism from people. As you judge so will you be judged. Qvc is selling products that you either like or dislike the host personality shouldn’t bother anyone so much that they call for them to be fired. I’m not sure what happened to society. Have some compassion people!!!!

          • I agree-send Jennifer, Kerstin, Courtney, Shawn, Jane and Leah packing. The thing that drives me crazy about Leah is that she has been there for decades but listening to her, she stumbles with her words, asking what’s next, where she’s suppose to go. There are bad days but she does that whenever she is on.

        • M.L.Leming Reply

          Jane Tracy is just so annoying to listen to & watch!!!! Tries to be young, cute & she shoulld not be modeling clothes, hair needs styling also.
          She talks so fast & tries to be friendly with everyone!
          We turn TV down when she presents products.

          Please retire her.

          • I think Marybeth is one of the sweetest show host and is so sincere Qvc is lucky to have her I really love it when she is on

          • Christine

            I have said it so many times Jayne Tracey needs to go. I don’t care what size she is just tell the truth.I will not be watching Qvc again since they have let Carolyn go and not her.Amy Stran also needs to quieten down. She too goes on about her size too much.

        • I also think Jane Tracey, Bob, and some of the new people are too over the top. They are just lying and will sell you anything for a buck. Very sad. People remember these lies then do not trust qvc,especially those hosts.

          • Jane talks way too much
            Does not let product people talk

          • A B Ford

            Amy Stran is the most UNtrustworthy. We want Stacey Rusch to supplant her.

          • Jane sounds like she had a few glasses of wine before air. Flying high.So annoying.

        • Jane is too fake, phoney, and wrinkled at her age to sell beauty products. Get rid of her QVC!

        • Linda Castleberry Reply

          Julia….. she is OVER THE TOP FAKE and SO SELF ABSORBED…… I can’t watch anything she presents🤬🤬🤬🤬

          • Lyn Mcdonald

            Why is Alberto on so much! Can’t stand him especially when he is selling makeup ,women s underwear and purses. Please give us a break from him i have to turn the channel when he is on!!!!

          • Marla W

            Jane has to take her leave. She is way over the top as a host in a bad way. I feel bad for Courtney who I believe “bites her tongue” for most of the time she is co-hosting with Jane. Jane is so consuming and doesn’t let anyone have a chance to speak. Courtney has the patience of a saint while sharing the room with Jane. Sorry to say but Jane has lost all credibility as a host for the most part because all she does is talk about herself and family non- stop. She tries way too hard and in so doing, is very phony and boring. It’s time for a change by letting Courtney manage the programming slot. Everything she wears often sells out quickly for a reason – that’s what QVC should be aiming for.

          • Julia was hosting the Denim & Company show today, and as usual, spent more time talking about herself than the products. Carolyn’s.loss has certainly left a black hole at QVC, a void that won’t ever be filled.

          • Mary Leonetti

            Carolyn Gracie was the best. Interesting and real. Loved her Denim & Co shows, always watched even though sizing way too big for me
            Q caters to fat women. I agree about Jane Traecy. She acts like she is the only woman who ever had a daughter
            Who cares about them. Amy Stran enough with the option word
            She started it now everyone says it. I’m so sick of hearing that word. Qvc is not what it used to be
            It is so boring now. Remember the fun days of PM Style with Lisa
            When left the Q lost its charm.

        • I miss Carolyn Gracey and her squirrel Nutsey?. especially when hosting Denim & Co with the designer. Their chatter and laughing at themselves while selling the product was so much fun watching.
          No matter what Carolyn was selling, it was always entertaining. She was very down to earth and didn’t seem full of herself
          I hadn’t heard her mention that she was retiring. All of a sudden she was gone! What happened?

      • Absolutely true can’t stand her either she should be fired very annoying female the more people comment about her the weirder and loud she gets anybody can see that

          • Omg, and I thought it was just me! I cant stand this woman. I always turn the sound off or turn the channel. I can’t stand the way she literally jumps up and down! She tries to act like a 12 year old! And I’m sick of her family stories.

          • Marla W

            Enjoy watching Alberti – I like his East Coast vibe and his sense of fashion. When he demos women fashion, it’s tasteful at the very least. I also like Steve – upbeat like Alberti. David V is informative and tries to help provide ways to use the products he promotes. These 3 are always positive and genuinely interested in ensuring that the consumer is well informed.

        • SHANNON BROWN Reply

          ALSO : REALLY LIKE PAT . & Jane Brown. Excellent show host’s. 👍👍❤️❤️🌹🌹☕️☕️☕️🍷🍷🍾🍾😎

        • I’m very tired of Rosina. It’s like they changed the name to In The Kitchen With David and Rosina. She seems to be on stage for every item David shows, putting in her 2 cents or feeding her face.

          • Agree with all of the hosts stuffing their faces, especially Julia and Shawn. Very hard to watch. And why on earth is Shawn always squeezing Grandma’s Coffee Cake, and rolling it into balls. Way too much drinking and eating, and its showing on the hips.

          • Julia is sooooo sickening – thinks she’s cute but she’s NOT. Jane Treacey drives me nuts w her too small clothes and her daughter stories. Jen Coffey – get of those hooker pink and red platforms you wore this week OMG disgusting – why did you think they looked good – and stop talking over everyone. Shawn – she needs to GO. Nastiest dirtiest host I’ve ever seen – she presents TSV Miz Mooz sandals and can’t even prepare her feet knowing she’s presenting the TSV? Her heels were all cracked and dry – what makes QVC think I want to look at that nastiness? Miz Mooz father and son should have removed Shawn from presenting because she made their sandals look bad.

      • Caribbeangirl54 Reply

        Oh, I Soooooo agree, I just love it when she says she wears a size small on those hits, no way. Alberti is just weird, they were showing womens panties today & he said really loud with a strange laugh that he thinks they are very comfortable. I do not think they should have him talking & selling womens items, it gives me the creeps.

        • I have to say Mary on Sunday with David ….would not buy anything she try’s to sell. First person to go…Shawn! She looks and acts like a tramp….QVC you can do better!

          • Can’t stand her. She is shrill and over-the- top! Will not watch. I have trouble with Shawn as well. So self absorbed.

          • Edna Brizzle

            Speaking of Shawn, every time she’s on I have to adjust the color resolution on my TV. Her skin gets more orange from that fake spray tan…so fake. You can scrape the make up off of her with a spatula. And those weird glasses she wears along with the dopey hats. It’s no wonder she isn’t on with Issac anymore.

          • Watching Sandra Bennett on gardening. .she talks too much, talking over the person selling his product.

        • Mary Milazzo Reply

          Beat hosts on QVC are Carolyn Gracie & Jen Coffey. Can’t stand any on the new hosts including Courtney Kondabhi. They all talk too much and don’t give needed information.

      • I totally agree, BB ! I like the shoe shows on QVC so I watch them with the volume off if Jane is hosting/one of the hosts. I can’t deal with how much she talks about her daughters, particularly Deirdre. . . “Deirdre has this shoe in this color, and I have it in that color, blah blah blah”. And the age spots on Jane’s legs and feet SHOULD NOT BE SHOWN on TV!!!

        • Yes, god forbid people age and have age spots. Wish I could see you in another 20 years. We are a youth-obsessed culture where women are not allowed to age. Shame on you.

          • Doesn’t matter what she looks like, it’s what she acts like that I can’t stand, she jumps up and down like a preteen wearing jammies, give me a break, grandma!

          • I am so tired of Jane Tracey, when she’s on all she talks about is her daughter’s dancing instead of selling & explaining the product. By the time she finally gives the info on the product, it’s too late for me to order cause it’s sold out. I get so mad I wish I could slap her. Tired of hearing about your daughters!

        • Shawn Killinger has fudged her age for quite a few years. This year, 2022 though she admitted to turning 50. Her year of birth was 1972…NOT 1979!

          • Diane E King

            My heart is broken.Bring Caroline Gracie back.Whst is wrong with you

      • Louise Walters Reply

        Jane Treacy is my least favorite host.
        Matter of fact, I have to change channel bc I cannot listen to that motor mouth who doesn’t come up for air.
        She is ‘too happy’ bc it’s so fake.

        • Yes most ignorant is Jane Tracy get some younger people in there ignorant interrupting Courtney no one likes to look at a fat old bag

        • I can’t stand Jane Traecy Please get rid of her. She never shut up and always talks about her daughters. Get rid of her!!!!

      • Love shopping QVC, but some hosts like Jane Treacy make me turn it off. I work in sales and she is totally disingenuous and a phony. I’m a runner and can’t believe she talks about training / running a marathon. Who cares about your daughters are dancers. Mine are life saving surgeons. Time to change it up and establish some class.

        • Can’t stand her mouth!!! And she constantly says she wears a small…REALLY??

        • I use to like Jane but she drives me nuts she is like Susan graver and she never shuts up nor stands still both need to b toned way down and then when Jane talks and I want to hear the colors r what sizes r left then I sometimes miss out especially if I didn’t tune n at very moment it came on Mary Beth and Carolyn and Lea r my 3 faves # pat and Dan

        • Shut up already about your grown daughters. We don’t care about them and all of your running, and all the shoes that you own. Just sick and tired of the egotistical female that you are. Please, please,, please retire and take your buddyCourtney with you. with the extra long hair, finger nails and piles of makeup.. Go live in Disneyland, your favorite place. There are only a few host with the Q who are professional and pleasant to watch.

          • Melinda

            I googled Jane’s daughters. It appears one of them works at a dance studio and the other is a photographer. Not famous people. I am glad to know I am not the only person tired of some of these hosts. I have watched QVC from its inception. I miss Carolyn Gracie. Hope MaryBeth and Pat stick around. Also David. Am tired of hearing the hosts sizes especially when you know they wear a larger size. Jennifer is getting as bad as Jane about saying she is wearing an XS.


          JUST SAYING

        • I have trouble believing that Jane Treacy can even run around the block. And she claims to have been a ballerina? Was that her in Walt Disney’s “Fantasia”, the dancing hippo twirling around in a frilly tutu?

      • I agree. I can’t stand Jane Tracey, She is so phony and is CONSTANTLY name dropping her girls and that they are dancers along with herself. She tells us they are always in NY and all their travels. She portrays herself as so Irish but is actually half Italian. I just can’t stand her phoniness and I don’t think I every bought anything in her shows. No one else acts asp phony as she does and no one else is constantly name dropping, Maybe she’s trying to get her daughters some fame. UGH!

        • Jane Treacy drives me crazy with constantly bouncing the products around! Keep your hand still!

      • I have to agree with all of you ladies about Jane Treacy. She is extremely annoying, rude condescending and just a plain pain in the backside! I cannot stand watching her. I won’t watch her. I won’t buy shoes off of QVC b/c of her. I don’t know why QVC keeps her as a host. She’s a psycho-babbler and I couldn’t care less about all the BS she talks about. She is a phony and I just cannot watch her. She NEVER shuts up and she’s constantly boasting on all that she buys. and already has. And I must say, there is NO way she is a size small in anything!! Nothing about her is attractive and I will also add if you’re going to model sandals, HAVE PRETTY FEET!!!! C’mon QVC big shots!! The woman has ugly feet! I did call QVC and complain about her. She is the worst host I have ever seen. Jen Coffey is a close annoying second!! Jane Treacy needs to go!!!

        • I watched QVC daily for 10 years and loved watching all of the hosts except for Jane Tracey and Patty Reilly, who after she lost weight started acting like an idiot in air. Jane has always seemed fake to me and changing the channel was a must. When they hired Shawn Killinger and the two Lisa’s left, I stopped watching. Shawn has to be one of the strangest and most fake people in television. I just couldn’t watch the Isaac segments anymore because they always had her present for him and I couldn’t take it, even though I liked his clothes. The other most annoying person to me was Sandra Bennett. At first she couldn’t talk without stammering and now if I happen to tune in and she is on, she just can’t stop talking. Makes me wonder how she doesn’t pass out from lack of oxygen! If Susan Graver were a host, she’d have the prize for the worst host! Shimmying around in those liquid knit pants is beyond ridiculous! Overall, it’s sad that QVC seems to be pandering to the superficial instead of holding onto the hosts who are down to earth, like Carolyn and Dan, who actually sold the product they were there to present! I agree with the person who said that it doesn’t matter how they look. It matters how they act and this is why Mary Beth and David are still so popular! Great people!!

          • Jayne has got to go. It’s time to retire. I try but I end up turning the channel when she is on. She brags and brags, her life, her travels, her daughters etc. She is not a model she is now heavy. She is not a good partner to Courtney. Courtney is much better on her own.

      • I agree and too much talking about her daughters Reply

        She is a big phony who claims to use what she presents but no on one can use every product. She talks about her daughters, trips to her beach house, her husband,etc. no one cares Jane

    • It is an older picture of Dave King. A lot of info is Wrong! Dan Wheeler is shortish, not 6’3″ and was very loved. Alberto is 6 ‘3″ not 5 ‘9″ . Check facts please.Why so hateful abt Elise?? Short yes, but built like a gymnast and her eyes are not small. So mean!

      • Albert has to be the worst host ever..truly feel he needs to go….bit creepy to me.

        • Yes, I agree. He always mentioning growing up on Manhattan. Like he’s royalty. If true he would not have to sell food and blankets on tv. I don’t see Prince Harry or King William on air???
          Have a seat Alberti, You are a Lisa Robertson WANNA BE!!! WHICH YOU WILL NEVER BE!!!

          • That new host Steve always looks dirty. I’m watching him now he’s with Kim Gravell’s sister. He’s wearing wrinkled worn jeans, and nasty looking sneakers. Jane Treacy has professed at certain times what a great Catholic she is..excuse me lady you Lie for a living!!! All of the new hosts are horrible except for Rosina!! Jenifer Coffey, and that new lady Mofita so annoying!!! I could go on, and on!!

        • ALL info on Mary Beth Roe is wrong. MB was never on “The Walton’s!” Check your source!

          • Edna Brizzle

            Wasn’t her name Antoinella?? All Italian women aren’t named Carmella…even tho I have two aunts who are.

          • Mini me

            Alberti is always cutting off rachel when she is speaking. He think he’s cute. Not.
            Jane brown walks like a man with corns and bunions. Shawn k. Is fake and annoying, and acts like she prefer to be somewhere else.
            They are all fake, especially the one who got her nose done and fillers, her nose was awful though.

          • Jane treacy needs to go and let Courtney do her job and shut up she needs to b on medication and she no way wears a small and guitar trying to out do Courtney and Susan’s graver needs fo b muzzled can’t stand her if I were on a plane with either muzzle r duck her and if not give me a parachute I’m jumping out to keep my sanity and of course that means for Jane treacy too I’m sure when she goes to Disney works she demands the spot light who could stand to b n attraction with her n it omg we go to Disney and if ever we c her we r going n another attraction g

          • Jane treacy needs to go and let Courtney do her job and shut up she needs to b on medication and she no way wears a small and when we r at Disney world and hear her irriitating voice we go the other way am sure that demands that park goers know that she is there

          • very upsetting and mad about Carolyn and Dan gone they were the best he was great with pat and Carolyn was so sweet and the best on denim and co.and her garden skills was the best I’m also going f to stop buying from qvc

          • I will no longer shop qvc do not like some of those new host so goodbye and good riddance

          • When will u get rid of rick I can’t stand him way over the top

          • Every time I try to say something u say I have I have said that this is the first time I said about rick so u r mistaken duh !!!!!!!!

        • Marlies Yanke Reply

          Too many of Janes stories, get tiresome.
          I like Albertie.
          Shawn Killinger moves like a man in heels.

          • I don’t care if he cuts off Rachel, she cuts off everyone. Can’t stand either one of them. Jane Brown does that too, she’s always eating when presenting food, you’d think she was eating her last meal!!

        • I agree Alberti is very creepy, especially when is is trying to sell make up and ladies apparel. He is over the top. And needs to go with his buddy Kristen.

      • Patsy Nelson Reply

        I am sorry but I can’t watch Jane or Shawn without the volume off.

        • I like Courtney K. presenting products without Jane Traceay. Jane is self absorbed to the point of talking over Courtney when they are teamed together. It’s all about her, her “fab” girls and her NY adventures. Enough Jane. Present the actual product so we know what we’re buying. Last evening I noticed she was bold enough to elbow Courtney, to the side of the product table, to be front and center of a nail product presentation!
          I believe she feels threatened by the new hosts youth and energy. I won’t waste my time watching her because she’s way too excited about herself, talks way too much and doesn’t deliver product information.

        • M.L.Leming8 Reply

          Jane Tracy is just so annoying to listen to & watch!!!! Tries to be young, cute & she shoulld not be modeling clothes, hair needs styling also.
          She talks so fast & tries to be friendly with everyone!
          We turn TV down when she presents products.

          Please retire her.

        • I agree with the comments about Jane – she must live in a warehouse if she has all the shoes and Irish sweaters that she claims to have ! If she is a small then I am a -0 – who is she kidding ?!?!! I literally turn the show off when she or Albert are presenting – they both need to go

        • I turn off the show when Jane T is going on. Big phony and too much talking about her life

          • QVC Queen

            I’m gratified that a few people mentioned that unbearable SISSY, Alberti. UGH! 🤮 I stopped watching the food shows long ago because of him (“her”, lol!)! He is so flamboyant and loud! Can’t even laugh like a normal person ~ throws his head back and opens his big mouth so wide, we can count his teeth! Yeesh! Also can’t stand the very arrogant Mama’s boy David Venable; who brags all the time, and is ALWAYS reminding us when his birthday is! 🙄 No one else does that, because it’s ridiculous! He constantly interrupts the guests, and when they do get a word in edgewise, he’s clearly not paying attention. Rick is an annoying dork who stutters (ever notice how the other hosts rag on him?)! Shawn is a conceited ice queen. (WHY did she name her adopted daughter Jagger?!?) And don’t even get me started on that pansy-ass Steve Doss! Over-the-top weirdo with hideous facial expressions! 😱 I agree with everyone about Jane, but I don’t see her much. I like Mary, Ali, Julia, Jennifer, Rosina, Pat, and Mary Beth; I miss Dan Wheeler. Glad Dan Hughes is gone, though! Cold, rude, boring jerk with no personality! Just found out Carolyn got fired, which is sad.

      • NC Pederson Reply

        Courtney K is my least favorite of the newer hosts. I now change channels when she hosts. Lack of ability to connect personally with her audience. Carries off a “I need to be perfect” attitude.

        • millie johnson Reply

          yes agree i dont like her don’t buy anything she sell.
          vote her out.

        • It’s too bad you people are all so perfect that you can find fault with all these host. I like them all and Jane, Shawn, Amy, and Courtney are all great. If you’d watch the show and quit judging the host, you would all be better people. No one is perfect! 🙄 unless it’s all of you!

      • Carolyn Gracie, real. I don’t think so. OMG she claims she owns at least 3 of everything. Even if is brand new she has one. She must live in a warehouse.

        • She got a nose job too (Courtney) she doesn’t really do this anymore but a couple of times I saw her be completely disrespectful to Isaac Mizrahi. Someone must have talked to her about it because she watches her step now!! Do not like her!!

      • Yes I agree. Carolyn Gracie is my favorite host on QVC, and I can’t wait to watch her and Gary when they host Denim & Co shows. I love her enthusiasm for the products, and she does seem very “real” and not fake. So please QVC tell me WHY DID YOU JUST GET RID OF HER?!!!! Needless to say I am very disappointed and don’t want to shop anymore.

    • Mary Milazzo Reply

      Beat hosts on QVC are Carolyn Gracie & Jen Coffey. Can’t stand any on the new hosts including Courtney Kondabhi. They all talk too much and don’t give needed information.

    • Tina Clack Reply

      I cannot believe Jane Treacy was most disliked host of 2022. There are a lot of hosts I like but if I had to pick my favorite if would have to be Jane Treacy. I’ve always enjoyed watching her anytime she is doing a show!

      • Jane Treacy is a boring braggart who swears she uses EVERY product on QVC and just loves them all. Shopping trips in NYC, and Disney. I’d love to see her credit card bills !

          • People don’t have to be so disrespectful and uncaring Jane didn’t made herself even if she is wrinkled we all get old at some point.

          • Last night JT and Courtney said Katy Perry was going to be on the show selling her shoes. JT worked with Katy Perry once before. That was a weird combination then and worst now. They have NO ONE close to Katy Perry’s. age to pair up with ?? Anyway, the minute Katy Perry shows up Jane goes running over to her with her iPhone showing Katy a picture of her daughter Cara kissing a poster advertising Katy Perry. Jane said Cara loved the show so much she was crying …. OMG !! Of course Katy offered special tickets to one of her shows for Jane’s daughters. Lipstick was EVERYWHERE by the time Jane finished kissing Katy’s axx !! It was pitiful …. I’m shocked QVC allowed that behavior ….

    • Can’t stand Jane Rudolph Tracy OR Ali Coffey. They both are so arrogant and just non stop mouth running show offs!

    • When is Jane going to retire?
      Sick of her voice and pushy attitude.
      How long can her husband’s clout can help her? Please have her go!!!!!

      • QVC needs to become aware of how horrible Jane is and she thinks she and Courtney are the same age.

  1. Cheryl Valentine Reply

    You speak like a robot or someone who doesn’t speak the English language. “She is of good height” what does that mean and “and she started from the very scratch of the beginning”

  2. Marla Pyne Reply

    I really have a problem with Shawn Killinger. She is totally silly and over dramatic and full of herself.
    I use to like Leah but I think they got to her and said she had to act overly cheerful. Now she bunches up her face and squints her eyes and makes me repulsed. I’m sure she is a nice person but she needs to act a bit calmer and happy but not overdo it!

    • Marion Romanczuk Reply

      Every time I turn on QVC Jane Treacy is the program host. I am getting tired of seeing her so I turn the show off. Your show has gone downhill over the years. Prices have gone up,
      quality and service is diminishing.

      • Jane Tracey and Julia were awful during Gourmet Holiday. They talked over each other. Jane Tracey was rude to Jimmy the baker. They wouldn’t let Kansas City Steak guy finish his presentation. I had to change the channel!

        • Donna clark Reply

          The only thing I really have to say is the hosts talk too much. What I mean they talk over the guests whose product they are trying to sell. The QVC hosts need to shut up and stop being so full of themselves. A lot of customers feel the same way. I wish you guys could stand back and listen to how everyone is talking over each other when the QVC hosts should back off and let the guests talk would be more enjoyable for us who have to listen to this!!!!!!!

        • Jane Treacy should have been termed years ago. What hold does she have on someone there?

          • Rosalie Kreh

            I love watching Alberti and Rachel. They are both so fun and uplifting. We need more of that in this negative world today. Love you both. Keep up the good work!!!

        • June Myers Reply

          I’m surprised, at some of these comments. I guess I could say right now that Rachel’s is probably my favorite. She seems really sweet and genuine. Back in the day my favorite was Lisa, and I understand why she had to leave. I especially like right now when
          Kim Gravelle is on. I enjoy Kim and Mary. However yesterday I really did enjoy Kim and Rachel. I won’t give any negative comments. I believe if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.

    • I agree that the new managers at QVC have told the hosts to be extra smiley and perky and loud. Leah did change and the squinty smile is overdone. We have to remember, folks, that these hosts are actors, they aren’t portraying who they really are. They have to fiddle with the truth, not lie exactly, but manipulate it. There is no way these hosts could own, use and love every product they sell in their show! It’s a tv show hocking a lot of junk that we fall for! And then we have opinions that we post here! And, most importantly, we have the ‘clicker/remote’ and the treasured mute button!

      • I don’t know what you all are looking for in QVC hosts. When I read all of the comments all I see is a reflection of how you feel about yourself and your own life and esteem. Its all projection. While you sit back and critique others in a mean spirited way you could be focusing on how to become a better person yourself. Enlighten yourself , help others, uplift those that are suffering, build people up, recognize we all have to make a living and instead of being a witch why don’t you craft your words to be helpful and not so hateful!?! Negativity breeds the same. I wouldn’t walk I would run away from women like you.

        • Thank you. Nastiness and judgement is so prevalent and reflects our society’s self-centered view. I do not think Jayne is that bad, NOR do I think we should be judging people who are standing up in front of millions of people every day! I certainly hope they each have a great self-esteem, or else they’d all look like fools. Thank you, Michelle, for your comment.

        • June Myers Reply

          Thank you Michelle, I agree. They all have their different unique personalities, just like we do.

      • Susan Farley Reply

        Remember they are like used car salesmen. They will sell you any junk so they can get a bonus. If they told you the truth they wouldn’t have a job.

    • I can’t stand Shawn Killinger! All her whining and drama tic crap really ticks me off! She’s also sloppy looking, tries to look younger and it doesn’t work!

      • Has nobody noticed how Jane pulls her tops down every minute. It’s so annoying. We call her PULL DOWN JANE.

        • Oh my gosh..I say the same thing…She needs to wear a size that fits her

          • Julia is so annoying!!!
            Chewing so much food and talking with mouth full!

          • 2 Much Wine + 2 Much Food = 2 Many Big Butts & Guts in Clothing That is 2 Sizes 2 Small.

        • What a sad group. If you “ladies” do not “like” people who host QVC, turn the channel. What do you gain by posting negative, mean comments ?

          • Exactly! Can hardly believe how catty everyone is!

    • Linda M. Troutman Reply

      They tried very, very hard to replace Lisa Robertson with Shawn Killinger. Boy, oh boy, that never happened! Lisa is also full of herself, but she does her job with some style and grace.

      • Spot on they don’t like them don’t watch omg so mean the negative comment’s are unnecessary

    • I don’t watch Jane but can I say how horrible Kirsten is. Did anyone see Sunday night temptation show? She was so rude to Tera and stood wit her arms crossed and had the meanest look on her face. Sorry to tell her but she is not miss sexy and after Sunday night she is the ugliest person ever. Get rid of her. I don’t hardly watch q anymore. This show needs major host changes. Keep David, Leah, Pat, and Jane. They are the only ones I watch.

      • Every time I turn on QVC it’s either the I’m so beautiful look at me. Kirsten, or Jen laying on the floor in their skin tight outfits getting a massage. And I’ve never seen another host but Kirsten model a swim suit, she is so full of herself. Thank goodness for my remote.

    • millie johnson Reply

      Shawn think she is cut need to get her eyes check.
      don’t like how she talk about the product like just buy shit
      i don’t buy anything from her shows.

  3. Amy Stran…..silly, immature, braggart, always laughs at her own jokes, interrupts others,etc…..when she’s on the air, I mute the entire show if I even decide to watch it. She has tons of air time, and is rarely with her 2 small children. That’s obvious… she’s ALWAYS on air. Would love to see less of her.

    • Shawn is awful in her appearance, her hair is nasty and those glasses are ridiculous!
      Amy she is loud and rude by interrupting others or talking over them.
      You got rid of Antonella but kept these 2 is ridiculous to me

      • I agree Shawn is ob-.noxious rude is was so nice when w
        They took he off the air several years ago because she made a comment I believe agains Martha Stewart!

        I have to turn QVC off when she is on the air. Feel so sorry for her family.

        • Cannot stand Jane, Shawn, Rick, and the new redhead Julia. Jane is a braggart, Shawn always needs to be the focus. Those ugly glasses. Yuk! Rick is just to hyped up presenting items. Nobody gets that excited about LocknLock. Jane, Shawn, Rick, and many others constantly are talking over the guests. I guess I’ve been with QVC to long. The hosts just irritate me. I usually just go to my IPad to see what’s been on.

          • Donna Ross

            Love your commet about Rick !!
            “No one gets THAT excited about
            Lock n Lock”.

            Boy, does he need chill-pills !!

          • A B Ford

            Best thing is to change over to HSN as soon as obnoxious hosts like Amy and Alberti show up on the screen.

      • Shawn, Amy and Alberti are all very annoying and full of themselves! I miss Antonella she was real not phony

        • Susan Ferguson Reply

          Shawn cannot stand. Grow up u r not a fashioning act your age !! She has no class!!! The make up. Glasses got to Go!
          She wallers all over the furniture!! Will not watch just look at app for what is on tv…

        • I love watching the kitchen product shows and the food product presentations. What I can’t watch and don’t, (it drives me nuts) is Rachael B. stuffing food in her mouth nonstop on Gourmet Holiday. No one scarfs down food like she does. Has anyone ever considered getting her a feedbag? Also someone needs to tell Rick to take a few tranquilizers before coming on the set. I can’t watch him, he kind of rattles me esp. at nite.

        • Have to say Carolyn, Shawn & Jane. Loved Antonella Nester. My Favorites are Mary Beth , Rick & David is pretty good, too. He know’s great recipes & delivers on HIs food & recipes. He’s also very Informative & fun & original. As well as being a wonderful entrepreneur & entertaining to watch. Happy Dance👍👍💙💙💙❤️❤️🌹🌹☕️☕️☕️🍷🍷🍷🍾🍾😎

          • Rachel is DISGUSTING, not fond of both Janes, or Jen Coffey!! Also lately Mary is so annoying always lounging around when she does her kitchen show. That Jeremy man she has on is so gross!! One time he was selling frying pans that were non stick, and he said he doesn’t use soap to wash them he just wipes them out. I’ve also seen him do presentations where he is completely un-hygienic. He claims he’s a chef I wouldn’t eat anything that he cooked

      • I can’t deal with Shawn looking over her glasses frames. If she doesn’t look THRU the lenses, then don’t WEAR them. SOOO distracting and annoying! She can go along with Jane Treacy !!

      • millie johnson Reply

        yes Amy is a over talker wish manger will talk to her.
        Shawn just full her nobody care about joe ‘
        she act like she the top host.

    • Nobody cares whenever Amy talks about her personal likes or dislikes. She’s as phony as a three-dollar bill. When she’s on, we change the screen.

    • I agree Amy Stran is another braggart love her spotlight, interrupts Alberti, I love, love Alberti and he shouldn’t have to host beside her. Alberti to me brings me joy, a man that is not full of himself, Keep Alberti he can sell me anything, dump Amy!

      • I agree Alberti should not be doing women’s clothes it’s really weird and by the way love Chris Prime on lock and lock

        • I am so tired of hearing Amy Stran that I am a XX small like we don’t have eyes. She along with Jane Streacy should get fired. She is also a braggard.

    • David V. Very unlikable for me . I refuse to buy anything he presents on air. I have watched him eat from the serving platters with a fork double dipping and saying “thats going home with me”. The dumb dance, the as kissing he does with product presenters he really likes, his in General Fakeness. His ingenuous smiles……him I do not like him

    • Women are damned if they do, damned if they don’t. If she works less, she’ll be labeled “lazy and lacking aspirations.” And when she’s successful, people like you will imply she’s a bad mother. Be better.

  4. Shawn drives me nuts. She thinks she’s hot stuff. She should take some lessons from Jennifer Coffey. I love Jennifer.

    • Trouble with Jen is she acts like a paid you know what whenever she’s on with the great phony, Isaac.

      • JENNY SMITH Reply

        I like Pat and Jayne. Loved it when they did monday mornings and friday morning fashion. They are real and fun to watch. Miss them presenting together.

        • June Myers Reply

          I agree about Pat and Jane working together. I miss that. I wonder why that was changed.

      • Cannot stand Jen and Kerstin, they think they are special and entitled. I turn the channel when they come on
        Albert is weird and creepy, what man talks about women’s underwear with any kind of knowledge

        • Cannot stand Shawn. She has greasy dirty hair that she likes to cover up with winter caps or weird ponytail on top of her head. She is a JOKE! Jennifer Coffee is horribly arrogant and Leah is hateful, entitled princess. The only ones I like areCarolyn Gracie, Mary Beth Roe and David Veneble. Jane Tracie is in tolerable!! I don’t watch anymore. Makes me sick and too many lies!

        • millie johnson Reply

          Oh my you so right
          they act like shown wasn’t nothing before they got there.
          remember when Kerstin star she look like a scary mice

  5. Gloria Colbert Reply

    I’m 89. I lv, lv, lv Alberti, Courtney, Leah, Carolyn, Mary Beth, Kirstin, Pat, & Jane Brown.

      • I can y stand Amy how many outfits can she wear at a time. She really kisses up to Logo so sick and she does tries to be The Who show she is rude and Shawn has she thought of going to a hairdresser she looks like she just got out of bed and decided to come to work she is annoying and if I see another shirt she ties in the front ridiculous and do they need to carry their wine glasses I tune in to see fashion not wine toasting and if Amy thinks she is a designer she is a fool nothing she designer has been done before her ego is too big those two need to leave

        • She’s no designer by any means. They have teams who do all the work, and all these “designers” do is sign-off on them. She’ll never have the class and style of Shawn, yet she keeps trying to be like her.

        • JENNY SMITH Reply

          I like Pat and Jayne. Loved it when they did monday mornings and friday morning fashion. They are real and fun to watch. Miss them presenting together.

          • I agree about Pat and Jayne. Very classy ladies. I do love Carolyn, as she is also very real and professional. Pat, Jayne, Carolyn, and Mary Beth are the best hosts with Alberti, Rachel, Mary and Sandra following. Also, I agree about Leah. Her smile and laugh seem very put on, And she does squint a lot. Don’t like being so critical of any of the hosts, but as a very long time customer of QVC, one learns the best presenters and reps for the brands, as well as QVC as a company.

        • Can’t stand her. She is shrill and over-the- top! Will not watch. I have trouble with Shawn as well. So self absorbed. The wine is a bother. Lots of viewers do not imbibe! The wine focus is a distraction. One tunes in to shop not bar hop.

      • Nothing wrong with being gay, but this one acts like a lady bird. He’d feel better if he could wear the clothes and apply the makeup.

        • Susie krivitzky Reply

          Cannot stand Rick would not buy anything he presents. Cannot stand Kerstin all she does is look at herself in the monitor she thinks she is just to beautiful NOT just sickening.
          Now on to the hosts I do like!
          Mary Beth Roe, Carolyn Gracie, Dan Hugh’s, and Pat.

        • I miss Joan…😥 💖 😺 😄 Some comments are so funny!! I can’t say anything cos I would be the Worst!

    • Karen Jessee Reply

      You like all the I like.I actually don’t dislike any of them.

    • I lv, lv, lv Alberti, Mary Beth Pat & Jane Brown and Jen Coffey, to me Kirstin has a phony personality always showing her flat butt and rubbing her thigh ugh!! My opinion is that she just wants to prove she is a woman of faith, yet she can’t wait to wear her bikini and tries to sell sex, always brings her indoctrination forward as a good Christian. Kirstin should go and do what she really wants to do be a so called Christian personality on TV. Being a host is not her calling go and preach somewhere else maybe back to California.

      • Anaya Flaherty Reply

        If you do not like Kirsten simply because she’s a Christian and is not afraid to say so, then maybe you are the one with a problem. You have a remote? Change the channel.

      • I agree . Doesn’t Kierstens Christianity conflict with her selling her religious articles ? Did the Lord tell her to sell them ? Her journals her bibles and religious bracelets are being pitched by her . Seems conflicting with her Christian values . Always prancing around too . Quit qvc and find a new outlook .

  6. Margot Guinan Reply

    Dear Lord I turned on QVC@1:00 last night & almost jumped out of my seat@the host. Did she drink 5 Red Bull’s before she came on. Never saw her before-too loud, over reactive, thought she was going to do dance routine. Almost ran up to camera. Had to turn her off. She needs to work with ladylike Sandra Bennett, Mary Beth. Needs help!!!

      • She acted like she was on benzos, until recently. No way around it, you’ve had your fun, Mary Beth, now it’s time to say Bye-bye.

      • Instead of bashing the hosts you deem are terrible, just change the channel! Stop being so mean spirited.

        • Lilly and Hobo Reply

          Jane looking like a pin head, which she does is the LEAST of her problems. I seriously look forward to some shows and bam there she is! Lord I wish she would retire or get fired. Fake, phoney, can’t stand not being the center of attention, I am so sick of hearing about her daughters and her saying that she is 61 all night long. Honey I thought you were much older than 61..your wrinkles and sun damaged skin are bad and no matter what cosmetic you are showing it only intensifies your problem areas. I had to laugh the other day when she was showing the Tasha serum stick. It does not make her wrinkles disappear as she likes to show. Is she blind? I thought about buying that serum stick but once she was saying how she keeps them everywhere so she can use it throughout the day I thought well it isn’t working….so I didn’t buy it. Oh and she is not an ex-small, small or med. I think she would look better if she wore shirts that fit her so she doesn’t have to tug at them all night I am embarrassed for her. Also her and Kourtney no! Who thought that was a good idea? I can’t stand the fake laughing and I am 30 years older than Kourtney and look they look good on us both. I see Kourtney say wow that looks great on you and Jane say’s yes I am buying 3….OMG please someone tell her the truth! And NO I do not feel bad talking about her because God knows she talks about herself non stop and her daughters!

  7. Patches Randallo Reply

    QVC use to be so good, but why do they keep making junk in china? Be much better if made in usa, Canada or Italy? Why did they fire nice host and get those Indian and black one are they all for blacks and gays -and Indians? One they need to get rid of is Mrs irritating Shawn killing er and Julie with red hair and her weird sence of humor, them so called women very irritating and another one hate is Valerie Parr-Hill and her xpensive Chinese junk and now Barbara King and her over priced junk ?

    • Leonita Lasley Reply

      Who are the INDIAN hosts? I have never seen a NATIVE AMERICAN Host or presenter.

      • 🙈 What’s with Jane Treacy and her new Pride Haircut?

        😝 She looks like a pinhead

        • Lilly and Hobo Reply

          Jane looking like a pin head, which she does is the LEAST of her problems. I seriously look forward to some shows and bam there she is! Lord I wish she would retire or get fired. Fake, phoney, can’t stand not being the center of attention, I am so sick of hearing about her daughters and her saying that she is 61 all night long. Honey I thought you were much older than 61..your wrinkles and sun damaged skin are bad and no matter what cosmetic you are showing it only intensifies your problem areas. I had to laugh the other day when she was showing the Tasha serum stick. It does not make her wrinkles disappear as she likes to show. Is she blind? I thought about buying that serum stick but once she was saying how she keeps them everywhere so she can use it throughout the day I thought well it isn’t working….so I didn’t buy it. Oh and she is not an ex-small, small or med. I think she would look better if she wore shirts that fit her so she doesn’t have to tug at them all night I am embarrassed for her. Also her and Kourtney no! Who thought that was a good idea? I can’t stand the fake laughing and I am 30 years older than Kourtney and look they look good on us both. I see Kourtney say wow that looks great on you and Jane say’s yes I am buying 3….OMG please someone tell her the truth! And NO I do not feel bad talking about her because God knows she talks about herself non stop and her daughters!

    • If they didn’t make things in china, no one who watches qvc would be able to afford it

      • Yes, much of the junk they sell is from China, Vietnam, and other foreign countries, but their prices are still through the roof. I think QVC relies on their base of compulsive buyers waving the Q Card. Jane Treacy’s bragging that she owns thirteen pairs of the same style of Clarks sandals, and she’s buying two more in new colors. Compulsive shopping is a real sickness. Do these people even know the high interest rates they are paying? Not to mention that no matter how much you buy, you can only wear one outfit and one pair of shoes at a time.

    • disappointed with some comments. speaking for hours about an endless amount of products is truly a hard job.

      • Indians and black people here in America? Your name seems foreign, your spelling and sentence structure is off. Are you a TROLL? Or just a racist? Or a woman hater? Today indian, black and gay shop on QVC. So indian, Black, and gay are seen in QVC as host. And today woman make up the majority of shoppers at QVC since its start.

        • QVC is quickly becoming the LGBTQ+ channel. HSN still shows some sanity in hosting and programming.

          • You do realize that LGBTQ people are inhabitants of this country and most of the world. No one is forcing you to watch anything that is offensive to you. Feel free to change channels or maybe even your off button.

      • Carol Vender Reply

        Some of these posts are funny, but true. I’m 86, been watching the Q from the beginning. The old time hosts aren’t what they used to be. Times changed & I guess they had to also. I like Jane and Pat, Carolyn especially. Shawn needs a makeover for sure. Glasses drive me wild, she no doubt has contacts anyway. Some designers drive me crazy , no one loves Susan Graver as much as Susan Graver. Lately see acts like Candace Bure, or tries to. Her clothes are high I think. I really wish the hosts could tell us when an item has thin material etc, but guess that’s a no no. Bought a few of them lately. I do buy a lot at Belks, they have good prices, and I can try it on, plus take back to store if I need to return it. I never reply to these forums or whatever, but I read these this morning and laughed so much. Thanks guys

    • WOW!! it really is offensive when you mentioned about Indian, and blacks, gay hosts. Now everyone knows how racist and bigoted you are if you feel this way DON’T WATCH, everyone has a right to say what they feel but first think WHY am I saying these things? Words can hurt people or heal people, if they will hurt keep your comments to yourself, you are showing you are a racist and uncaring person.

          • Totally agree to bring back Pat and Jane in mornings. My two favorite presenters. Also love Mary, Alberti, Jennifer, Mary Jo, Courtney, David, Kirsten, and Shawn. Love Alberti and Kirsten together. My very favorite is Pat. So down to earth and honest. Some remarks from a lot of these people are so cruel. I think MOST of us can be annoying at times. Y’all need to give Jane Treacy a break. She sounds to me like someone who loves their job and is very passionite about. it. Y’all need to take a look in the mirror.

        • So let’s see you have no problem with all the comments about the white hosts it’s when someone says black, Indian and gay? Just because someone doesn’t like a black or gay host doesn’t make then racist maybe their personality just sucks. Everybody is so quick scream racist! QVC showed themselves when they stopped selling My Pillow, way to pick a political side. Pathetic

          • Lilly and Hobo

            I totally agree with you. In today’s world the LGBTQ nonsense is being shoved down our throats. And yes them dropping My Pillow shows their Political leanings! I have also heard the hosts make political comments, i.e. Shawn asking Isaac Mizrahi who his fav President was and he sd He didn’t want to answer but she pushed and he sd well of course Obama he was the best ever…..no he wasn’t. Not even close. So stay away from politics. Also not everyone loves Oprah and the fact that she loves something is neither here nor there so you shouldn’t be talking about her all the time. I don’t buy things that are loved by her!

          • Almost every vendor in America stopped selling “My Pillow” when Mike Lindell claimed that God was speaking to him. Mike made it political, he’s a total nutball. Sorry Mike, but Trump is NOT my Lord & Savior. If you need a new “My Pillow” you can find them in Ollie’s Bargain Outlet for $19.99.

    • WOW!! it really is offensive when you mentioned about Indian, and blacks, gay hosts. Now everyone knows how racist and bigoted you are if you feel this way DON’T WATCH, everyone has a right to work and earn a living.

    • Indians and black people here in America? Your name seems foreign, your spelling and sentence structure is off. Are you a TROLL? Or just a racist? Or a woman hater? Today indian, black and gay shop on QVC. So indian, Black, and gay are seen in QVC as host. And today woman make up the majority of shoppers at QVC since its start.

      • Cinderella Reply

        Lori Goldstein’s clothes are crap. Who can wear that many layers. Her clothes are expensive and dumpy looking.

        • I’ve never seen such sloppy, “original” designs as hers. They look like smocks thrown on, after getting out of bed. Who wears these “accidents?”

        • I used to like some of her tops (years ago). The clothes are way overpriced and not stylish at all.

        • Linda M. Troutman Reply

          Agree whole heartedly about Lori Goldstein’s clothes. Who wants more fabric and big pockets hanging around your middle.

    • Some of the comments are cruel and mean, but yours is the worst!!! Indian, black ones gays…where the hell are you from?? You are ignorant. America is for ANYONE who wants to come here. Actually, if you’re not a
      descendant of Native people, then you are the foreigner. Got back under the rock you crawled from.

      The host I don’t care for his Shawn.

    • Sandie gennerella Reply

      I enjoy all the host, they are all knowledgeable, I can’t understand why some people are never satisfied, being a host takes lots of energy, if I complained about anyone it would be Susan Graver, talks too much every item is her favorite, talks over everyone.


      • I used to love watching Jennifer Coffey.,But now she is getting so annoying with being so dramatic,, talking too fast and not letting anyone else get a word in when describing a product. Go back to being your old self Jennifer and show the classy lady that I loved watching.!

    • Dee parson Reply

      Shawn Killinger looks like a middle aged woman trying to impersonate a teenager. Does she not realize she looks and acts like a clown. Ridiculous glasses, hairstyles. I have to change channels when she’s on. Can’t stand to watch. Will never buy anything she trys to sell!

      • Some people just can’t accept getting older. She’s had her time. They’d do well to get rid of tenure and break in new talent.

        • All the hosts are great! Why all the hate on Shawn! She drank a whole bottle of wine last year and still nailed it! I call Oscar and Emmy award! Why make fun of her glasses? Maybe she has an eye problem? I list my right ear in a car accident when I was young and don’t like that negativity.

          Jenn Coffey and Sarah Bennet tend to interrupt whoever they work with. Maybe they are to exited? They do great!!!!

          I like Jennifer’s story on her weight loss. Salute! Keep it up!

          Also a shout out to David Venable, Kirsten and Julia for answering my messages.

          Courtney needs to back off on the Botox? Her lips look like two hotdogs. To young for that. She also does a great job.

          Alberti reminds me of Allen from Two and a Half Men. Lol! He and Rachel are a great tag team.

          I was on air with Rick and Jane the shoe lady for both Total Gym and Echelon bike.

          QVC in whole is great. Great products at a great price. If you need to return something it’s easy to return.

          Best products in no particular order are Temptations, lock n lock, Bose, total gym, echelon, vita mix and kitchen aid! Throw in Caphelin and Ninja products.

          A shout out to Tara from Temptations,Chrissy from Lock n Lock and Rosalee from total gym for answering my messages. Salute!

          A special Salute! To the men and women of QVC who answer the phones. They do a great job and are very understanding, helpful and professional!

        • Same here Jane Treacy please pack your lies and go!!🤪🤓

  9. Sandra Barnard Reply

    I can’t stand Shawn her hair needs to control it and those. Awful glasses she wears all of them. When she’s on I change channels.

    • Fabienne G McCague Reply

      Totally agree, Shawn is the most annoying of all the hosts, the crazy hairdo, the ridiculous glasses, too many stupid faces, pauses and comments. And too many stories about her husband and kid or how many items she ordered… Who cares!!!
      She wants to be the sophisticated one, she’s missing the point.

      Amy Stran is sometimes difficult to follow, she’s constantly on the move, speaks too fast and too much also. However, she’s natural, I strongly believe this is the way she is at any given times. She’s young, enthusiastic, pretty and I have to say everything -absolutely every garment and shoe- looks great on her. As she tries many outfits, she presents the items very well indicating length and size and pointing out each detail of the garments. I’m her size and this is a great help.
      So High Five for Amy but thumb down for Shawn.

      • Amy Stran is as phony as a three-dollar bill. They could replace her and Jane Treacy and wind up selling even more product.

      • Annoying Awards go to Jane T. & her dance-a-roo daughters, Shawn K. & her awful hair don’ts, , ugly LOGO, Graver, & Women With Control prints, Alberti P. selling make-up & women’s under wear, Rick D. when he gets too hyped on sugar, Valerie Parr-Hill high prices for “made in China” knick-knacks, ribbon, & plastic candle rings that she suggests you buy in multiple sets which immediately sell out because of limited order supplies that be corrected by simply ordering more product to be manufactured.

    • She plays up to the presenters, which is part of the job, but we should know by now that half the products on the Q are not worth it.

    • Don’t aggravate yourself by catering to unpleasant hostesses.

    • I can’t stand Shawn either, most of all why does she not exfoliate her heels? If she knows she will be presenting sandals or such she should fix her feet, uck!! Jane Treacy, I can’t stand her bragging!! Why won’t the hosts just talk about the product without getting into details about their families or where they have vacationed. I can’t stand Jane always, always,, looking upwards, then closing her eyes when she’s talking. QVC should fire everybody and start fresh!! I buy a lot of their products, just don’t like the hosts!

      • Rachel is the most annoying! Rachel, didn’t your mother ever tell you not to talk with your mouth full!? She’s constantly stuffing food in and then talking. She and Alberti (and most of the other hosts) should just SHUT UP and let the vendor talk! They are so rude!!!

    • cookie3408 Reply

      I agree with you. Some hosts are aggravating sometimes but I just change channels. Don’t buy clothes but great prices on all products you mentioned. Free shipping, 5 pay both GOOD STUFF.

  10. Why is Rick Domier so loud and alarming…needs to slow down to hyper can’t watch him…turn off qvc when he’s on….

    • I can’t stand Shawn. She is such a fake. Love Courtney K. I don’t watch it when Shawn is on. I love Jennifer Coffee.

    • Agree Rick is so unreal, he presents a product like it will run out if you don’t buy it right away!! He is too hyper and annoying.

    • shirley vanbibber Reply

      Rick is vert hyper. Can you imagine him with Jane: I love Carolyn & Jane Brown.

  11. I have enjoyed watching QVC since 1998. Not only do I like and recommend many of their products and clothing, I enjoy many of the hosts and the presenters and designers! I recently went through an 8 and a half year of weekly treatments for Melanoma cancer. During that time I found just turning on the QVC channel calming and enjoying!!! Everyone has their favorite items and hosts but if you don’t like something or someone please refrain from being cruel! There is enough of that going on in the world. Instead mute the tv or watch something else! The world is full of different looks, behaviors, and personalities. That’s what makes the world go round and Thank God for it!!! At the end of the day the people you criticize don’t really care what you think!!! Have a blessed day Amy Shawn Rick Leah Jane Tracey and all who were criticized!

    • Like your call Matt I love Shawn and 99% of all that works there I can’t believe how they are trash and QVC and their products that’s really shame if you don’t like watching it turn the channel no one asked you to buy their merchandise but from me I enjoy it very much and it’s helped me through some very difficult times and help me finish my Christmas shopping I love QVC and I love a lot of their products and they are not junk they are high-quality merchandise I have never got anything that I was dissatisfied with so for you haters out there God bless you and y’all have a good evening

    • Thank goodness someone can say something with compassion. Why do people get off on being so mean. So many people feel that public people, TV hosts, athletes are immune to hearing rude things. Why should they have to take these mean, and rude comments different from anyone else. Would you like it if people said these things about your kid or your parent, wife, husband? Plus, learn to reread your own writing- make sure it makes sense before you’re done.

    • As in life in general, there are always people who we like and those we don’t like as much. QVC is no exception. There are hosts who differ in personality, just as in any workplace or organization. If you were like me with end-stage disease and bed bound, you would surely understand how QVC becomes a trip to the outside world, if you will. I prefer some hosts over others, but I see no reason nor any value added, in being vocally cruel. QVC would not be very interesting if all hosts and vendors were alike! Thanks to all of you at QVC for doing what I believe to be your best! …and especially for bringing the outside world to those of us who can’t get out. Side note: May I suggest you do some training on how NOT to talk over each other. When that happens, nobody is heard. Thanks!

  12. Veronica Murray Reply

    Have been long-time QVC viewer, since it was CVN. Lately, the presentations rarely give the actual cost. Hosts are stating 5 easy pays- You can get it home for just $11. I need a calculator to figure out the actual purchase price. I find this marketing strategy demeaning Regardless of the payment option offered, I still would like to know the price I will be paying.

    • Good luck trying to manage all those “easy pays.” Most of the hostesses are millionaires and would never think to buy that way.

      • A B Ford…stop it already. All you do is criticize. And you certainly don’t know anyone’s financial status, nor should you. For someone who doesn’t like anyone/anything about QVC, why keep watching? Get over yourself.

        • Think all the hosts on QVC are phony. Jennifer C drives me crazy, she thinks she is all that and then some. I would rather watch HSN hosts, much more relatable.

          • I criticize too because things need to change, I want to be able to watch things being presented without being thoroughly disgusted, and annoyed!! It’s called constructive criticism!!

        • SHANNON BROWN Reply

          I LIKE SANDRA B, also. Very nice & Pretty, too. Does a fine, wonderful job explaining all the products well. 👍👍☝️☝️💜💜🌹🌹☕️☕️🍷🍷🍾😎

          • Barbara Mongillo

            Yes I agree Sandra use to be soft spoken like a lady but lately seems so loud . .she was probably told to be more aggressive which is not her personality.

      • What did Alberti and Rachel just say to Jimmy the Baker that caused him to respond by telling them that “he didn’t find it humorous, he found it insulting”, and they responded by saying ” Oh, Jimmy, you know we love you!”

        These host pairings are getting difficulty to watch. These two are behaving like immature teenagers. And once again, there is a lot of wine consumption on the program.

      • I think most of the hostesses don’t buy the crap on QVC anyway. They all push these brands like Dooney and Prive Revaux and then you see photos of them in their day to day lives wearing Louis Vuitton bags and Ray Bans. They are all bull sh$tters.

  13. Sally Myers Reply

    I’ve been trying to find out about the Espadrille wedges that Ieta wears on QVC. I guess they are her own, but I would love to know so I I can buy them either on QVC or off.

    • Julie Tapper Reply

      Why is the young David Veneble (alberti) on so much? He must be related to QVC bosses. I think he tries to replace David……he’s so gross

        • You’re showing your age, A B Ford !

          As my Grandma used to say, “A Little Light in the Loafers”

    • Isn’t there a “model’s closet,” or something similar that allows viewers to see the clothes and accessories of the presenters?

  14. Awl Martinez Reply

    I have shopped many years QVC. Lately S&H is too high. I’m in Puerto Rico and S&H + Tx equals same amount as products ! 😳

    • I just turned to qvc, and am trying to figure out what is wrong with Shawn’s face?? It looks so orange or red..I had to shut it off because I couldn’t look at those crazy glasses, or listen to how arrogant she sounds..I will tune in when she’s not on.

        • I wish they would critique the hosts on their English language. Amy constantly refers to women as girls and they close as she and shirts for tops or blouses that are women’s attire.

          • Why do some of the female hosts insist on referring to shoes, handbags, or articles of clothing as “she” or “her” ?

        • Jane. – Tired of hearing about her girls and talking over every single guest.
          I do not think she should be representing beauty products, because the
          cameras are not kind.
          Julia – Way too loud and no product knowledge, go back to bartending!
          Shawn – Needs a makeover and that hair! She acts like it’s the Shawn show!
          We do not care about Joe, her trips, etc. you are there to sell products!
          Alberti – He should not be presenting women’s underwear!
          Amy – Do something with that hair, it is not attractive!

          QVC is just not what it used be!!!

          • Barbara Mongillo

            Amy .please get a hairstyle .it looks like you just got out of bed sorry.don’t talk about your stomach because you don’t have one.

      • Kathy Stafford Reply

        Carolyn is the best presenter—she actually presents the merchandise by describing it, telling you how it washes etc. I, too, shut it off when Amy is on—too silly interrupts, and spends more time trying to make more outfits and match things than present the product. The same for Shawn—she is too dramatic and just strange acting. Just tell them to act natural, stick with what they are presenting, not interrupt so much. Also, cut out the wine—it looks so stupid and phony. And tell Kim Gravel to tone down—I shut her off just too hyper

    • Wait until you need to return something. That’ll be a battle.

      • i agree totally, the return label doesnt scan when you take it to post office. then you have to pay to send it out and then you are charged for postage on your card,,,So you are paying postage twice….ugh…terrible

        • Joan danorovich Reply

          Mary, is one of your top host’s, she is funny but still honest in selling the products.Mary should be on more. David has become phoney since he has lost weight, he may be at qvc a long time but he has now too big an ego, it shows thru the tv. CAROLINE,PAT, JANE BROWN ARE THE BEST THAT qvC HAS TO OFFER.

  15. Shawn is awful. Never could stand her. She used to wear only designer outfits that , I assume were hers, which made no sense when she was presenting clothing on QVC. apparently the QVC gods got fed up and now she has to wear clothes that they sell. That being said, most of the time she looks like she just came off a bender and didn’t have tome to clean up. Hair is a mess aways; glasses are ridiculous, orange skin.
    Another one is Ali Carr. Talks incessantly about her kids until there is barely time to talk about the product. Awful. The Grosso woman also has to stop screaming everything . Recently I have been just Muting all of these yahoos and go to the app to see the product.

  16. Lately it seems like all that QVC is selling is FOOD, Food that is very overpriced,and from what I read by comments is not that good

    I really winder if the hosts believe in the products they are pushing or is it just to SELL.
    I also believe a lot of their products to be “seconds”, namely inferior products

      • That’s amazing you’re so smart!
        To correct somebody else,. Please correct your use of …….

        Thank you!

    • Sure these actors actresses believe it !! Oh it’s so good. So fresh. Yada yada!! Hopefully they too broken crowns off some of there products too. Like I did. With it being so rock hard!!!

      Which should of been a warning to me it was wildly inexpensive product that day!

      Knowing what the prices are outside of qvc etc is helpful. There has been some every good deals and quality taste. Though I fully agree with also not good overpriced and oh my. They need more eco friendly shipping containers that are recycled not tossed to the dump landfills!

    • I love Gourmet Holiday! Over the years I have ordered various foods from QVC and only disappointed twice. Upon complaining, my money was refunded right away. Have shared many of the items I have purchased with friends, and they now purchase those items! Even with the cost, it comes down to less or equal to what you would buy at the store. The Egg Harbor Salmon is the best ever!

  17. Leonita Lasley Reply

    Who are the INDIAN hosts? I have never seen a NATIVE AMERICAN Host or presenter.
    Also has anyone noticed how silly and flirty Shawn gets around the men. especially Izaac Mizrahi.

    • Jo McAuley Reply

      I believe she was referring to people from India, not American Indian. I’m guessing in reference to Courtney Kondabi, but I could be completely wrong.

  18. There mainly actor’s and actresses producer’s journalists
    There acting skills are not to be desired!
    There acting to try to.relate to us. Lol not working!

    The drinking and drugs are in force on QVC and has been for sometime totally disgusting

    Since QVC was bought out and merged with HSN etc. They all have gone downhill to the sewer lines!

    Product is bad and I think they just don’t care about Customer. Satisfying anymore!

    And quite frankly I’ve gotten tired of them saying its such a good.deal cheaper then before etc. Tired of the lies on food products overpriced crap every bit of it!!

    Quick to get you to purchase won’t. Allow people to cancel after five minute. Saying it’s. Already being shipped. LMBO. Lies!!!! But yet try to get a return taken care of in a timely manner. Takes 3-6 or more months!!! Yet they blame that on there fire and on.covid!

    There here to help us my a..!

    I can Care less on race and gender as a sells person! I do care about the products I’m wanting to or needing to purchase! I don’t need to see or hear about drinking, the craper joking around foolish people dressing. Acting like fools

    We want the truth and sizes care instructions reasonable costs! For the products and s/h

    Kim gravel Susan graver kortney Shawn Amy Rick and the list goes on Jane all need a major chill pill and remember we.are the ones buying. And we.can shop.elsewhere!!!

    I used to enjoy watching qvc HSN and shop hQ whatever there name.is anymore they change that like people shop these networks! Lol

    Ill go back to local shopping when I’m in need. And well channel. Changing is just as easy!

    QVC etc. Is just over priced for all items don’t let them blame covid etc they been doing the products downgrade and price hikes for over 66 years now!!!

    • Correction….QVC acquired HSN. As with any purchase, it’s always best to check other sites. I have often found the same product for a lesser price from another source. I agree, some of the hosts are a bit too much, so I just change the channel. Everyone is trying to make a living at what they do. QVC hosts are no different and have families to support. Watch the ones you like and don’t watch the ones you don’t like. It’s a choice. You can always go back to the website and look at each item presented.

  19. C’mon, Jennifer, you come across as desperately needing a boyfriend–or whatever, but stop trying to get into Isaac’s pants–he’s the wrong type.

    • Barbara Mongillo Reply

      Some hosts overexcited for items .too much over an item .on and on goes on forever for so long.hosts should be more natural .i do mute often but watch.it’s over done

    • Oh, please, A B Ford, your remark about Jen Coffey is hilarious, and not because you are a comedian. Is there anybody on this earth who doesn’t know that Mizrahi is a little light in the loafers? How many real men were long costume jewelry chains and multiple strands of pearls?

  20. Jane Treacy is a motormouth. Sometimes, we just turn the tv off when she’s on. Nerve-wracking. Always putting it out there how long she’s been with QVC. Constant chatter about her daughters and about the many trips to the beach, New York and on and on and on.

    Shawn Killinger is pathetic. Most times with her appearance and being a self-bragger. She thinks she must constantly remind the QVC audience about all of her and Joe’s trips and cruises. I wish she would realize that when she chooses to say what all she can afford to buy and how many, some people will get down on it because it reminds them that they couldn’t really order anything. Happy for you, Shawn. But just keep it to yourself, please, and do your job. In the past, it was the obnoxious fidgeting with those glasses. First on, then off, then on the tip of her nose. So distracting. Add in her saying such phrases as “six-dollar bill” and “fifteen-dollar bill” and all that nonsense. She gets so boring.

    Shawn Killinger and Jane Treacy should both take a cruise together. One way.

    • Totally agree about both Jane and Shawn, especially about Jane talking about her daughters, barf!! And Shawn with the glasses fidgeting, looking over the top of the frames, on the tip of her nose, and hair ALWAYS in her face. . . Can’t stand to watch either of them EVER! SO glad to read that I’m not the only one they both drive up the wall, LOL.

      • Well, they are both very beautiful, though, I suppose anyone can rub someone else the wrong way 😆

  21. i love QVC, it provides us with the ability to stay home and shop. it has become a god send for me. i buy ore than i need, but it is entertaining and fun. we are introduced to products that we, in many cases, are new to us. Many are well known brands.
    I adore Isaac Mizrahi. He is a delightfully entertaining spirit. I do love the pima t shirts. i was surprised no-one commented on susan graver, like they used to. She is way too much for my taste. looking at herself and bragging on her self for 30 plus years.. Hearing about her career 30 plus years ago is way too much and more than likely hugely exaggerated.
    wish some of the comments were not racist or mean spirited to gay people. that’s it for now watching QVC as i write! nite

    • Cannot stand to watch shows with Susan Graver. She talks over EVERYONE ALL THE TIME. And with all my comments, I completely forgot about Mary Beth. Can she talk ANY SLOWER????? And most of her comments are “Yeah”. VERY annoying. I can’t watch her presentations cuz she talks too slow. . . Maybe it’s ME cuz I talk fast, but geeze, you wanna pull the words out of her mouth!!

  22. Wow lots of comments on QVC hosts. I do like QVC and Easy Pay. I can’t believe people pay those food prices. Go to a local butcher shop and get cheaper prices. I’m on board with Shawn Killinger. She might be a great person but her attire and hair dos with those stupid glasses are ridiculous. I’m surprised she is allowed to dress the way she does. I never liked Jane Treacy. I change channels when she’s on. I’m surprised no one commented on Kerstin Lindquist. I think she is stuck on herself. I do not like watching her on tv. My favorite is Mary DeAngelis.

    • What sickens me so much to have to switch to another program is when I hear a hostess use the word AMAZING!
      They use that word to describe everything which I just cannot understand….very little in products is amazing.
      Nature and animals are amazing….amazing does not describe a smell, a look, a sound, etc…the hosts have very limited vocabulary. And what’s with the wine glasses??? They are encouraging the listeners to have a glass – get drunk – and shop! But you never see them take a sip..perhaps it’s not allowed on air, but if it was, maybe the programs would be more entertaining.

      • They all use the words “elevated” or “elevate” WAAAYYYY too much. Also “on trend” and it’s so irritating when they refer to a purse or pair of shoes as “she”. They make themselves look SO stupid. . .

      • Or the word “obsessed”. All the hosts are “obsessed” with every.single.item.

    • Yeah, Kirsten gets to me too. Sometimes I think she’s just doing her job, but the vacation talk is too much. We all work hard too, but most of us cannot afford these lifestyles they lead. Leah stays quiet about her life. I like that better.

    • Not angry and unhappy. We are simply tired of some of the fake hosts and hostesses. Some of them actually have a look on their face saying “who on earth would buy this piece of crap” while they are showing their pearly whites and furrowed foreheads

  23. I read all those QVC hosts comments! Shawn kicks ass! She did a show drinking a whole bottle of wine and still nailed it!

    All the hosts are great! Jenn and Sara interupt each other when they work together. Maybe they are to excited? All is good!

    That young girl Courtney should hold back on the Botox. Her lips look like two hotdogs and she is to young to wear all that makeup. She is a good looking woman. Just looking out.

    All these hosts do a great job. Salute!

    • Ok Shawn can hold her booze while on air…isn’t it illegal for hosts to drink while on air…..a drunken host does not fly well with me and others

    • Shawn bragging about consuming an entire bottle of wine during an entire show is neither kick ass nor bragworthy.

  24. I miss Antonella. She was real. My favorite host is Carolyn. I try to never miss her and Gary. I would like to see more of Carolyn.

  25. Antonella is selling jewelry on jtv from her boat now. She had cancer. I know she was posting her ordeal on Facebook and YouTube. The chemo and radiation sessions.

    When they fired her I stopped watching qvc. By the time you pay shipping and taxes it’s not really a good deal.

    And I know people like David Venable but he needs to come out of the closet already.

    • Mary Anderson Reply

      Amen about David and Alberti…..no one cares who they are with

      • Gay is gay, but a man should at least act as one. Alberti acts like he wants to try on the clothes himself.

      • Jane Treacy is so not a small size. She’s at least an xl.Whonus she kidding?

    • Antonella was very likable. They should have fired that geek, Jane Treacy, instead.

  26. Mary Anderson Reply

    Ok Shawn can hold her booze while on air…isn’t it illegal for hosts to drink while on air…..a drunken host does not fly well with me and others

    • When was she drunk? Regardless, just promoting “Happy Hour” is in poor taste. Viewers get drunk and then buy. Is QVC really that hard up for sales?

  27. Mary Anderson Reply

    What is Kathy Levin doing these days….I enjoyed her on QVC

  28. When will management instruct Susan Graver to stop acting like she created and patented “Liquid Silk?” It’s a QVC patent, and she had nothing to do with it. If anyone deserves to use the name, it’s Gary.

    • Really enjoy Gary and Carolyn. Carolyn is my favorite…she is warm, fun and presents the items rather than yelling or yet walking endlessly about herself. Very professional.

    • I think it’s called liquid knit.. she is always claiming it as her invention

    • I can’t believe no one mentioned Sandra Bennett….
      I can’t stand to watch her look at herself in the monitor, she is constantly looking at the monitor to see herself, and it’s not to see if a product is in view, she does it all the time. everything!!
      Ugh, I don’t know, it’s like fingernails on a chalk board for me…..STOP!

    • I also shop a lot with QVC and after reading comments I have to agree with most . We are really shopping and want to hear about the items for sale. Some of the hosts seems to get off the important information of the items for sale. It’s nice to friendly but I don’t really care to hear all about them. I would like more size information on the models not the host they are all XXSmall they say. I agree some of the host shouldn’t be host . I just turn them off.

      • Lately she’s constantly bragging her husband has hundreds of cashmere sweaters. She was hosting a show with very high end prices she owned every single item they were from europe boots, and shoes

  29. J. mcCarthy Reply

    Jane Treacy seems like a failed Broadway star. I cannot watch QVC when she is on. Even if I turn the volume off can’t look at her. I wish you could bring back Lisa Robertson. she had a great sense of humor, she was funny. And she didn’t seem fake to me. HSN has Amy and Debbie they’re great. it would be nice if QVC would give Jane a job behind the seat.

  30. There used to be a personality contest among the hosts, which was displayed to the viewers. I’m not even sure that the geek, Jane Treacy, even reads these comments.

    • Yes Jane can go, been tired of her along time. Also the man that does Denim & Co. Just can’t stand him!I don’t watch much any more, ugly prints and high prices! He has no business buying women’s clothing!! Then there is Susan Graver just to much to go into! She needs someone else to sell her clothing….have to turn the volume off, at least there is an off switch!! More very ugly prints and outrageous prices!! Soooo glad Lisa Robertson is gone!!! Talk about fake thought she owned QVC!!

  31. I cannot stand red headed Julia. She is obnoxious and loud. I have to turn the volume off when she’s on. What a poor replacement for the wonderful Stacy Stauffer.

  32. I have watched QVC since CVN. I don’t know what the deal is with Jane Treacy but she is the worst host on QVC.. She is so loud and obnoxious. She talks over everybody, interrupts constantly. What is with all the updates on her daughters? I don’t care what they do! If I hear her call David Veneable “Oh honey” one more time, I will scream. She did it all through the Halloween show and every show they do together. She sounds so stupid. I couldn’t watch it anymore and turned it off. She tries to act like she fits in and is best friends with the younger girls on there. She needs to go!! I miss Antonella.

  33. I watch QVC not so much to purchase anything but for entertainment purposes, to kill time I guess. As far as the hosts they all have traits good and bad just like my fellow employees. I always look at things like, Could I Do A Better Job?, most likely not and I do know I could not do the happy dance!

  34. Jean Powers Reply

    I only like Carolyn, Mary Beth and Jayne. They seem down to earth. The others are dishonest. I am done purchasing from QVC due to shipping. Sometimes Amazon is cheaper for same products. QVC is not the cheapest price.

    • I also like Carolyn she such an animal lover and rhat goes a long way with me and l love to watch her garden shows she is so spot on and love it when she shows her home how she she has planted things she is a true person and can tell she loves people and would to have her for our neighbor and she talks about her cute ducks she is a real person that I would feel so comfortable talking to she isn’t a person that puts on an act she is the real deal

  35. QVC said if I opened a qvc credit card that I would get a 60.00 dollar credit but had to wait six weeks to use it when I went to use it they said I didn’t buy anything in the six week waiting time we’ll I didn’t need anything when I talked to a supervisor they said I lost out on the 60.00 dollars what a bunch of scammers

  36. Whenever they sell David’s cookies , I have to change the channel. That woman’s voice is so annoying . Like fingernails on a chalkboard !!! I can’t stand her at all … doesn’t QVC notice this UGH !!!

    • QVC has single handedly devalued the word love. You love your spouse. You love your kids. You don’t love that this item takes D batteries! In one six minute presentation Tara used the word love 26 times to describe oven gloves!

  37. Lori Dadamo Reply

    Jane must go. She turns people off and offers nothing new and refreshing in her approach; she is irrelevant. Is Courtney her up and coming replacement? She was good when she started and now between the face work and her kissing up to Jane, can’t tolerate her anymore. Amy is a one lady show which she has proven in her timeslot with Alberti. She tries to dominate everything and really, Amy, you are not a model nor are you a fashion expert. I wish people could see through this. And I wish she would not reduce Alberti to simply being the hanger man for the clothes while she continues to talk. Time for fresh faces who are as real as they can be, given they are sales people. A lot of the “better” hosts were let go and I guess you have to be a pushy, hyper bag of wind to be there now in order to push the merchandise, but it’s a turn off. So many of the items themselves are now coming defective too, so quality control should be emphasized instead of the pushiness.

  38. All of the host and hostesses, must have went to a meeting, and was told how to describe a product, they over use the phrase ” THATS THE BEAUTY OF IT”, Shawn used to say that she did’nt wear earrings, because she was,nt fancy enough, now she wears the most awful looking ones.

  39. Really enjoy Gary and Carolyn. Carolyn is my favorite…she is warm, fun and presents the items rather than yelling or yet walking endlessly about herself. Very professional.

  40. Pat & Dan are my favorite co-host pairing. Dan is such a grounded person with an excellent sense of humor, and Pat is the perfect on screen companion. They are both experienced & knowledgeable, and never try to compete with one another, or strong arm you into purchasing an item. They genuinely like one each other, and laugh easily, which makes me smile. I’d love to have either/ both of these hosts for neighbors.

  41. Jane is hyping David’s Hot Chocolate Christmas Movie, and she must have said the word “HONEY” at least one thousand times. Talk about overkill, I thought my head would explode. Makes me wish I had a long range Taser Gun to zap her every time she uttered the word. She is so DESPERATE for attention.

  42. My sincere apologies to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, but Jane Treacy must be QVC’s idea of a human Advent Calendar. How many more days and nights do we have to endure the sight of her XXXL butt?

    And why is she suddenly imitating the voices of Julia C and Kim Gravel, the Three Loudmouths.

  43. Lori Dadamo Reply

    Please QVC, can’t take Treacy anymore. I can’t fathom how a grown woman can continue to jump up and down like a pubescent ever-ready bunny battery. Please make it stop. Turn her right off, just like the switch on the bunny!

  44. It is so sad, but QVC is not the same. I loved watching it but now I don’t. I am sorry, but too many fake host. It is look at me, see how great I look! It is about their family , what They accomplished! Look I drink wine on MY show, I laugh at MY jokes, I put on lipstick on MY SHOW, I tell you about MY SIZE over and over! I look in the monitor because I am sooo pretty! I tell you MY size and really I am not that size! I wear all the beauty products, yea right! I am so IMPORTANT and my goodness my FAMILY!!! Gosh people, the show is all about me, not the products!!! I am a super star! HSN’s host are down to earth and act professional. I wish QVC would be like them. Mary Beth, Pat, Leah, Carolyn, David are PROFESSIONAL and are REAL PEOPLE. Started ordering from other on line shopping. The QVC big shots need to start looking at our emails! Sorry for the email, but let’s face it, it is true .

    • If not for selling her team’s designs, they would have gotten rid of her by now. She was in the right place at the right time; otherwise, Gary might have gotten the “Liquid Silk “deal.–which was patented by QVC, not her.

  45. Time to change the channel name to the LBGTQ+ channel. And instruct Alberti to start wearing all the clothes and jewelry. Every talking bird should look pretty, right?

  46. let me say I appreciate the skill and real personalities of Mary Beth, Jayne, Pat Dementri, Carolyn Gracie. They discuss the
    product with the information customers need. In clothes, the sizing, care, fabric etc. However, QVC needs to address certain issues.
    1. Hosts should indicate exact price, not under a certain amount when the price is only two cents under the certain amount.
    2. Hosts should not be hyper in selling, talking over each other or at the SAME TIME. Constantly laughing
    3. Not sharing everything about their lives or their families throughout the program.
    4. Not constantly indicating how we can pair clothing/shoes to make several different outfits. We are women, after all, and can do this by ourselves.
    5. Wine should not be part of selling non-alcoholic products. Very distracting and should be reserved for their wine selling segments.
    6. Female hosts do not need to indicate what size they are wearing in the clothes. The models, yes, the hosts, no.

    I don’t watch QVC on TV anymore. I will check online if I need something. this means I will buy less than previously.

    • Your points are well taken, which is why more people are gravitating toward HSN these days. If you must buy from QVC, visit online and avoid the B.S.

  47. I also think that Lori Goldstein clothes r ugly and way over priced and lousy quality and way out of style look and Susan graver needs to SHUT UP and stand still and let pat b the show host and then Susan graver also wants to do the modeling they need to muzzle her I can’t stand watching her and I know qvc has had complaints about her of course they won’t say anything cause they don’t want to lose her product line I would hate to b on plane any where around and hear her non stop 🛑 yakking omg let me parachute off the plane r muzzle her

    • LG clothes all have one main theme in common–they look like glorified smocks. Like SUSAN, she designs nothing original.

  48. Judith Keeley Reply

    My favorite host is Pat James Dementri.She is lovely, professional. caring and low profile.

  49. Larrie Majors Reply

    Who cut Jane Treacy’s hair? They did her a great disservice – and she is being very brace
    and heroic to come on air with an unusually terrible haircut that distorts her in every way.
    Combined with her nonstop chattering, the horrible haircut and her unflattering too young
    short denim jacket with puffed sleeves, it is a visual nightmare. Does she know this?
    She is getting bad advice and that is hard to watch.

  50. Here I thought I was the only one that finds Jane annoying. Her and Courtny together are so silly, I used to watch the shoe shopping every week but now I don’t watch it at all because they are so silly and annoying together. One of them def needs to go and its not Courtney..

  51. I have been with QVC since it was CBN. I’ve watched many hosts come and go. My two top favorites right now are Mary DeAngelis and David Venerable. My only complaint about David is he must have a kitchen and pantry as big as Yankee Stadium. Every item he gets on he’s got it and he loves it. I don’t know where he puts it off. I have not watched shows the way I used to at QVC as I think the shipping and handling is too high and when they give the price per item they never consider the shipping and handling entry price per item. I don’t know where they got their math from but it doesn’t come up the same as mine.

  52. Why? Please someone explain the rationale behind laying off Carolyn G when the one host who should be fired is Jane Treacy. I will not even listen to one word of her presentations. If you want a hard sell by a loony tune woman jumping up in the air like a five year old who doesn’t even provide the details of the item appropriately and who never fails to discuss her daughters ad nauseam, then Jane is your sales gal. Sickening, fake and deceiving all the way to the bank is Jane. I wouldn’t buy a thing from her. Please Courtney, do not become her!
    May Carolyn and Dan have a bright future without QVC!!! They both deserve it.

  53. These people that make all these hurtful comments I’m sure they’re very sad in their lives if you cannot say something good don’t say anything. The tongue is a very poisonous weapon.

    • Good point; nobody makes anybody watch anything. But, once viewed, people have a right to respond, much to the dissatisfaction of one’s proponents.

  54. Why is Chaz Dean still allowed to be on QVC, after his class action lawsuit, due to claims of hair loss, breakage, itching, rash, and a host of other maladies?

    • Because Chaz Dean brings in a boatload of much needed money to QVC. Last year, there was a massive drop in sales, and with the new direction Q is taking, I think this year’s profits will be even worse.

      Back to Chaz Dean, my sister used his products for two years, and noticed that her hair had become thin and brittle. She was included in the class action suit, and got a whopping check for $25.

  55. I think that QVC is overworking their models and there are less models than in prior times. However, I
    won’t criticize show hosts, as their job is demanding. I enjoy QVC and the show hosts.

    • I also dislike the idea that he actually profits from his wares. Better presenters present better ideas. More money may be made–when the execs take their respective heads out of the place we all know.

      • I took can’t stand Jane Treacy. She is so annoying! Why wasn’t she fired? She looks like a pixie elf, or better yet elf on a shelf, & that’s where she should be shoved on a shelf!!! Why do they have her modeling shoe’s with those elephant feet! I feel bad for Courtney!! Why do they also have her modeling & doing makeup & skincare? The bags under her eyes tell the truth, she’s old, a has been, & obviously all the beauty products in the world are not going to help her!!!

  56. I don’t like to judge anybody. But Please QVCget rid of Jane Tracy. She’s too old and fat and swears she’s a small or extra small. Please do you think your viewers are blind. And Shawn if a mess. Jennifer Coffy is just so full of herself and so is Kerstin Alberti should not be doing the underwear for woman. It’s just too weird. What the gell is wrong with QVC this past ten years. My very favorite host of all times was the very CLASSY Lisa Robertson! She could sell anybody the Brooklyn Bridge. She never talked about herself and always described in depth the product. PAT, Mary Beth, Antonella, Lisa Mason, Jill, were all class acts. All talked very little about their private lives and always gave a complete lowdown on the product. That’s when the Q was the number one shopping channel. I very rarely watch the show. They used to have quality jewelry showes at great prices and their clothes were for young and old. Now hardly no jewelry shows and the clothes are so damn frumpy I would even buy for my hip grandmother. THE Q went down hill in the past 10 or better years. With all products. At one time 20 too 25 years ago QVC was the top shopping show. Now I refuse to watch because if the lousy products and your lousy conceited loudmouth hosts. So I hope everybody takes a page from my post and stops watching and buying from QVC ! UNTIL THEY GO BACK TO FINDING SOME GOOD HOSTS TO SELL THE PRODECT AND NOT THEMSELVES!!!!! AND START GETTING BETTER QUILTY PRODUCTS. PLEASE LORI GOLDSTEIN’S CLOTHES I WOULDNT PUT ON MY WORST ENEMY GET RID OF HER SHE IDS DEFINITELY NO CLITHES DESIGNER. MY 2 YEAR OKD GRANDGAUTHER CAN DESIGN BETTER CLOTHES THAN HER. WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD WEAR HER MIX MATCHER CLOTHES!!! AND YES SUSAN GRAVER PLEASE GET OVER YOURSELF!!! AND KIM PLEASE CALM DOWN YOUR CLOTHES ARE WAY OVERPRICED FOR THE SAME THING THAT THE MALL’S SELL, YOU TO GET OVER YOURSELF!!! AND QVC PLEASE YOUR WINE SHOWS ARE A JOKE! ANYBODY WHO KNOWS ABOUT FINE WINE WILL BUY FROM A FINE WINERY OR NAPA VALLEY NOT FROM A SHOPPING CHANNEL THATS PEDDLING NO NAME BRANDS. AND THASTS A FACT. PLUS DRINKING ON THE SHOW IS PRETTY SAD WHEN YOUR QVC HOST IS DRINKING A WHOLE BOTTLE OF WINE AND IS BRAGGING ABOUT IT ON A SHOW SHE HOSTING. HORRIBLE!!!! THE Q IS REALLY WENT DOWN HILL!!! EVEN THOUGH HSN IS OWNED BY THE Q ITS A MUCH BETTER SHOPPING SHOW WHO STICKS TO SELLING THEIR PRODUCTS. AND THEY HAVE MANY BIG NAMES AND WELL KNOWN DESIGNERS WHO HAVE BEAUTIFUL CLOTHING FOR ALL AGES AND SIZES. SOMETHING QVS LACKS 100%

  57. QVC may as well be called the LGBTQ+ channel. Gay is okay, but flaunting it is cheap flamboyance and very uncool. Just change the channel, and watch something more entertaining.

  58. Rebecca Hagan Reply

    There are very few good hosts left at the Q/ I’ve been with them since they took over J C Penny Shopping, CVN, now QVC. There used to be some really great, entertaining hosts, but now You need to be a fast talker, and never hurts to be LGBTQ. Politically correct trumps hiring good hosts and letting go of the great ones. I’m especially glad to see Dan and Carolyn doing so well, as well as Jill. Please QVC, wake up and smell the roses. Bring back some diversity. Out with the fast talking, self-centered hosts.

  59. I used to like Shawn years ago. She presented her self well and had a clean fresh look in comparison to her appearance now.
    As for Jane, she is so annoying. Always wants to be front and center. Very disrespectful to her co-hosts.

  60. Get rid of Susan Graver!
    She never shuts up!
    She’s such a phony
    “Oh that looks like it was made for you!”
    For a woman, by a woman🤮
    Oh that’s so delicious!
    Bonded clothes like the good old days.
    She acts like she never likes when things sell out, duh
    Isn’t that what you want grandma???!!

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