30 QVC UK Presenters Male & Female in 2024 | 20 Most Famous QVC UK presenters in 2024

Here is a list of the most popular hosts for QVCUK. Their designer dress products are booming in Qvc and as well as social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. And fans keep scrolling how much do qvc hosts make? They make around $1,800 to $3,500 per month. Qvc Store host salary is more than the other channel hosts.

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Present female QVC UK presenter

1 Alison Young

Alison Young is a beauty expert, television and radio presenter, and author. Her first job was with the Public Affairs Department at Shell International Petroleum when she was just 16 years old. Young has acquired knowledge in beauty by training professionals, treating clients, advising brands, writing training manuals, and also by helping people through television and social media.

Young is the author of the book ‘Alison Young for YOU’ which is filled with anything and everything to know about beauty. She has been with QVC since 2000. Her eye color is blue and her hair color is blonde. Read Full Biography

2 Catherine Huntley

Catherine Huntley has been a television presenter on the QVC shopping channel since September 2003. She has over 18 years of experience in live television broadcasting.

Apart from being a presenter, Huntley has experience coaching on-air guest presenters, interviewing celebrities, and creating content for social media for QVC. Huntley is an ambassador for The Good Grief Trust, which helps people suffering grief in the UK.

Huntley was born in 1972. Her eye color is amber, her hair color is brown, and her height is 5 feet 6 inches. Read Full Biography

3 Pipa Gordon

Pipa Gordon is a well-known television presenter on the QVC shopping channel. She has over 20 years of experience as a presenter. She worked with the BBC before joining QVC in 2001.

Gordon promotes the brand Bare Minerals as she believes in the brand the most and she also promotes fashion products.

She also began working with The Life Channel in 2005. She is the face of parenting documentaries. Gordon is also the director for Spit It Out! since 2015.  Gordon’s height is 5 feet 4 inches. Read Full Biography

4 Annaliese Dayes

Female QVC UK Presenters

Annaliese Dayes is a television presenter, model, content creator, voice-over artist, and gymnast. Dayes was one of the contestants in Britain’s Next Top Model and also America’s Next Top Model. As a model, she has done many commercials for various beauty and fashion brands.

QVC presenter Due to her passion for fashion, she is currently a presenter at QVC UK as a fashion and style expert. Oh, My Dayes What Are You Wearing? is her new podcast.  Dayes was born on October 8, 1987, in Hackney, London. Read Full Biography

5 Chloe Everton

Female QVC UK Presenters

Chloe Everton is a famous television host, sports reporter, and newsreader. She is well-known for her work as a sports news presenter at QVC and Sky Sports. Some of the shows Everton has hosted are Good Morning Sports Fans and Football Tonight.

She has over 15 years of experience in sports. She has worked with two popular UK shopping channels – Price Drop TV and Bid TV.
Everton was born on February 25, 1979, in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Her eye color is blue, her hair color is blonde, and her height is 5 feet 4 inches. Read Full Biography

6 Katy Pullinger

Female QVC UK Presenters

Katy Pullinger is an enthusiastic presenter and voice-over artist. She has been in the entertainment industry for over 10 years, presenting for channels like ITV1, ITV2, QVC, and Studio Talk. Pullinger has been the voice of Sun Talk radio, ITV1 and 2 continuity, and BBC America.

She is also a vlogger and blogger. Her YouTube channel is called Hey Mummy, where she shares about parenting. Pullinger was born in 1983. Read Full Biography

7 Jackie Kabler

Female QVC UK Presenters

Jackie Kabler is a British journalist, reporter, and freelance television host at QVC. She worked as a reporter and presenter for Channel Television and ITV West. At GMTV, she worked as a reporter and producer.

QVC presenter Kabler was born on January 1, 1966, in Coventry, Warwickshire, London. Her eye color is green, her hair color is blonde, and her height is 5 feet 10 inches. At present, her net worth is estimated to be $1 million. Read Full Biography

8 Eilidh Nairn

Female QVC UK Presenters

Eilidh Nairn is an actress, popular television presenter, model, voice-over artist, and host on the QVC shopping channel. Nairn has been a freelance host for Netplay TV, Sky TV, and Channel 5.

As an actress, QVC presenter Nairn has played the lead role in Babydoll and appeared in Guerrilla. Nairn’s eye color is brown, hair color is brown, height is 5 feet 5 inches and weight is 56 kg. Her net worth is $1.2 million. Read Full Biography

9 Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is best known as a presenter for the QVC shopping channel. At the age of fourteen months, she contracted the paralytic form of polio. As a polio survivor herself, she is a proud Ambassador of The British Polio Fellowship. In 2012, she was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia and she pledged to raise funds for research.

Roberts has been featured in TV commercials like Head & Shoulders Shampoo and has acted in the television series Citizen Smith and Doctor Who. She became a hostess on the first and second UK series of the American game show, The Price is Right. Julia Roberts’s blog address is www.juliarobertsauthor.com

Roberts was born on June 10, 1956, in Nottingham, England. Her eye color is brown and her hair color is brown. Read Full Biography

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10 Alison Keenan

Female QVC UK Presenters

Alison Keenan is a television and radio presenter, voice-over artist, writer, and public speaker. Keenan has hosted both live and pre-recorded shows. At present, she works for the QVC Shopping Channel where she sells many products in beauty, electronics, jewelry, and fashion.

Keenan also has experience writing storylines and scripts for series like BBC 1’s Doctors. She was born on March 18, 1957. Keenan has an approximate net valuation of $600,000.Read Full Biography

14 Debbie Flint

Debbie Flint is a QVC host, who also has worked with BBC and radio. Flint was the first girl to host her BBC1 game show. She joined QVC in 1994. She hosted her BBC1 game show called Meet The Challenge in 1998.

Flint has authored numerous romance novels and short stories. She has written short stories for children’s Buena Vista TV, and Rise and Shine. She is an ambassador for a dog charity and conducts a regular ‘Thursdaybantz’ Facebook live.

Flint was born on May 10, 1962, and her net worth is $1 million.

12 Alex Kramer

Female QVC UK Presenters

Alex Kramer is a popular television host with over 20 years of experience. She has hosted live quiz shows, red carpet interviews, travel, and comedy programs. Currently, she hosts QVC shows on Style, Beauty, and Extra.

QVC presenter Karmer has also reported for BBC1’s The One Show. She also produced, directed, and voiced Celebs 24/7, a weekly showbiz show for Sky Living.

Karmer was born on February 19th. Her height is 5 feet 8 inches. Currently, her net worth is $200,000. Read Full Biography

13 Jill Franks

Female QVC UK Presenters

Jill Franks, is a popular host, actress, and blogger. Franks started her career in acting at the age of 14. She has done many TV commercials and small-stage plays. Some of her recognizable works include the Darling Buds of May, Tucker’s Luck, Grange Hill, Me and My Girl, and Westside Story.

Franks was born on July 25, 1965. Her eye color is blue-gray and her hair color is brown; her height is 5 feet 5 inches, and her weight is 55 kg. Read Full Biography

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14 Kathryn Goldsmith

Female QVC UK Presenters

Kathryn Goldsmith is a television presenter, actress, journalist, and model. She is best known as a presenter for the QVC shopping channel.

QVC presenter Goldsmith graduated from drama school and took on various acting jobs. She even modeled for Hell Bunny and Spin Doctor clothing. She has appeared in shows with Hochanda Ltd, Kitchen Chaos, Rocks & Co, and Sariel. Goldsmith has worked as a presenter at Equal World, Gemporia Ltd, Clarkson Evans Ltd, and HQ Trivia. Read Full Biography

15 Jilly Halliday

Jill Halliday is a British television host on the QVC shopping channel. She is also a dancer, singer, journalist, and voice-over artist.

Halliday began her career as a professional dancer. She has appeared in West End Musicals in which she sang in a girl band. She has also written reviews and articles for top newspapers in London.

Since 1994, she has been a presenter at QVC. She hosts a show called Be Aware Show You Care, which promotes care for breast cancer. Halliday was born on March 12, 1963. Her eye color is brown and her hair color is brown.

16 Ophelia Dennis

Ophelia Dennis is the newest presenter at QVC. She joined the channel in August 2021. She has over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Dennis started her career hosting game shows. She hosted Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat on the world’s first live interactive gaming show online.

Dennis was born in London to Ghanaian parents. Her hair color is black; her eye color is dark brown.

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17 Anne Dawson

Female QVC UK Presenters

Anne Dawson is one of the UK’s leading hosts and broadcasters. She has been a QVC presenter for over 20 years. In her show, she talks about and sells products related to beauty, gardening, and fashion. She previously worked with Vermay Media Ltd, ITV, and Pinewood.

Dawson’s age is over 60. Her eye color is blue and her hair color is blonde.

Present male QVC UK presenter

18 Will Gowing

Will Gowing is a television and radio presenter and podcast host. His first ever job in television was with QVC in 1999. He has worked on shows such as Blue Peter, Top of the Pops, and The Brit Awards. While on the radio, he has interviewed celebrities like Jude Law, Annie Lennox, and Naomi Campbell.

Gowing has also co-hosted live shows like The Great Taste Awards, Festive Food Events, and The Weekend Kitchen on QVC. Gowing was born on August 5, 1983.

19 Craig Rowe

Craig Rowe is a television host at QVC. He has experience working on both on-air and off-air projects (PR events, customer events, blogging, and training).

Before joining QVC, Rowe worked as a presenter and voice-over artist at HM Inland Revenue and Customs and Pearson Learning Solutions. Rowe started his career at BBC where he worked in many roles like the trainer, production manager, promo director, assistant producer, and live gallery PA.

He has worked with Sky Travel and Discovery Channel where he has shared his love for properties and traveling experiences.

Rowe’s current age is 49 years and he is from Bristol.

20 Charlie Brook

Charlie Brook is an award-winning television presenter. He is also a well-known producer and sound designer.

Before starting his career in radio, he was a delivery agent at a station. Brook has presented a wide variety of television shows, from pet welfare to the Extreme Sports series.

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21 Miceal Murphy

Miceal Murphy is the most popular presenter at QVC. He is also an actor and chocolatier. Murphy has interviewed several Hollywood artists, sports stars, and singers.

Glamor magazine described Murphy as ‘the dapper man on TV’. His love for fashion is never-ending. He has two fashion styling diplomas and his styling work has appeared in Italian Vogue.

Murphy was born and raised in Northern Ireland.

22 Simon Biagi

Simon Biagi is a famous television presenter, actor, director, reporter, and weatherman. He has worked with QVC since 2004 and he is well-known for appearing on Wheel of Fortune in 1992.

Some of the channels he has worked with are GMTVBBC Television, and Ideal Shopping Direct. Biagi has presented holiday programs, chat shows, This Morning, DIY shows like Real Rooms, news, and current affairs.

As an actor, Biagi is known for Walking The Dead, The Lily Savage Show, Win, Lose or Draw! and Garden Invaders.

Biagi was born on September 18, 1961, in Southampton, Hampshire, England. His net worth is $1.9 Million.

23 Dale Franklin

Dale Franklin is a popular television host. He has worked with the QVC shopping channel for over 22 years. At QTV, he hosts the Q Dale and is fondly referred to as ‘the silver fox’. He enjoys working with a wide variety of guests and he is well-known for his infectious laughter. Franklin’s parents are also media celebrities.

Past QVC UK Presenter

Here is a list of a few past qvc UK presenters who used to work in qvc for many years.

24 Anna Cookson

Anna Cookson is an award-winning television and radio presenter in the UK. She’s well-known for hosting the breakfast show on BBC Radio Kent. She also works for BBC Radio London and her voice can be heard in her work as a voiceover artist.

Cookson has worked for Radio 1, QVC, Magic, Kiss, LBC, Capital, and Heart. The show she hosted called Girls Talk got her the New York Award. The show was also nominated for a Sony Academy Award.

Cookson is the author of the book entitled ‘The Sound Of Your Soul’. Read Full Biography

25 Anthony Heywood

Anthony Heywood is a famous television presenter, avid traveler, and photographer. He was the Cruise Director for the launch of Disney Cruise Line. He worked for the QVC shopping channel for 10 years.

In January 2017, Heywood started his own company Stories & Light, which covers all types of media production. Between 2018 and 2019, he also became a host for QVC US. Some of the channels he has worked for are HSN, the craft channel, dancing with the Stars, GCM, ETV media group, Nation277, BBC, Challenge, and ITV Studios. Read Full Biography

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26 Carmel Thomas

Carmel Thomas is a television presenter with over 10 years of experience. She has thousands of hours of experience in live and prerecorded projects including autocue, green screen, talkback, voiceovers, and interviews.

Thomas specializes in live shopping television with a proven track record for driving sales, engaging with the audience, and selling the key benefits of brands.

Thomas was born and raised in Dublin and moved to London in 2004. Some of the networks she worked with include ITV1, ITV Play, UTV, Channel 5, bid tv, Eurosport, Sky, QVC, and TJC. Read Full Biography

27 Claire Sutton

Claire Joanna Sutton is a well-known British television presenter. She is also a dancer, actress, and model. Sutton was best known for hosting the shopping channel QVC UK. She quit hosting at QVC in 2020. Sutton has appeared in many commercials and plays. She co-hosted the BBC One game show Takeover Bid alongside Bruce Forsyth.

Sutton was born on March 25, 1967, in Leicester, Leicestershire. Her net worth is $1.5 million. Read Full Biography

28 Claudia Sylvester

Claudia Sylvester is a sports consultant, jewelry and lifestyle brand owner, and television presenter. She worked with QVC as a presenter from 1994 to 2011. During her time at QVC, she launched on-air the first-ever software product to be featured on QVC in the UK.

Currently, QVC presenter Slyvester is the Head of Football Partnerships at MTR7. She is also the founder of CS London – a Luxury British Jewelry & Lifestyle Brand established in 2010. Slyvester was born on September 30. Read Full Biography

29 Debbie Greenwood

Debbie Greenwood is a television presenter and former beauty queen who won the title of Miss Great Britain in 1984.

Greenwood began her broadcasting career in 1984 by presenting regional programs for Granada Television. Then she moved to BBC’s Breakfast Time where she covered the wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

Some of Greenwood’s famous shows are Streetwise, Love Me, Love Me Not, and First Class. She has also worked for shopping channels including TV Travel Shop, Bid TV, and The Craft Channel.

As an actress, Greenwood has appeared in Pulaski: The TV Detective, Hello Mum and Hold the Back Page. Greenwood was born on September 16, 1959, in Liverpool, Lancashire. Her net worth is $7 million. Read Full Biography

30 Harry Greene

Harry Greene is a television personality known for being the UK’s first television DIY expert. Greene has written over 23 books and presented more than 2,000 DIY programs. He created and acted as a consultant on the new genre of DIY programs, including DIY SOS, Changing Rooms, House Doctor and DIY Challenge. He was a regular at QVC UK. During his acting career, Greene starred in over 40 films.

QVC presenter Greene was born on November 21, 1923. He died on March 4, 2013, at the age of 89.

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31 Jon Briggs

Jon Briggs is a British television and radio presenter and narrator. Briggs was born on January 24, 1965. He is best known for his voice-over work, particularly as the British voice used by Apple Inc.’s Siri virtual assistant software.

Briggs was one of the hosts on QVC when it was launched in the UK in 1993. He has also worked for BBC TV, BBC Radio 2, Channel 4, and BBC Radio Oxford. The shows are The Weakest Link, Night Ride, The Weekend Wireless Show, The World at One, and The World Tonight. Read Full Biography

32 Julian Ballantyne

 QVC UK Presenters

Julian Ballantyne is a well-known television presenter and actor. He is the longest-standing television shopping presenter who has been with QVC UK for over 20 years. He specializes in shopping and has worked with almost all the major shopping television channels in the UK. Some of the networks Ballantyne worked for are Shopping Nation, The Craft Channel, LifeLine, and The Satellite Shop.

As an actor, Ballantyne has appeared in Conversation Piece, Motormouth, and Wish You Were Here…? Read Full Biography

33 Kara Baker

Kara Baker was a former television presenter at QVC. She was also a former Exeter Express and Echo journalist. During her time at the QVC shopping channel, she took an adventure with her boyfriend Nick to raise funds for the charity after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Baker has worked for several national and regional newspapers. Her television experience includes work for Westcountry Television, The Weather Channel, CBTV, and Mad About Shopping.

34 Kara Tritton

 QVC UK Presenters

Kara Tritton is a television presenter, voice-over artist, and actor. She was one of the former hosts of the QVC shopping channel.

Tritton was a world record cartoon voice artist with Guinness World Records from 2003 to 2019. She voiced over 198 characters for Blue’s Clues UK. She has worked for BBC radio and she’s also a LAMDA teacher. Some of her work as an actor includes Blue’s Clues and The James Whale Radio Show. Read Full Biography

35 Kathy Tayler

 QVC UK Presenters

Katherine Mary Tayler is a television presenter and former champion modern pentathlete. In 1979, Tayler won the women’s modern pentathlon World Cup at the age of 19.

She won gold at the Modern Pentathlon World Championships in 1981 and 1982 and also won a bronze medal in the individual competition at the same event.

As a presenter, she gained popularity after co-presenting Holiday on BBC One alongside Des Lynam and the late Anne Gregg.

She also presented the Good Morning Britain show alongside Milk Morris and Richard Keys and the After Nine program. After taking a break, she returned to QVC as a presenter. Tayler was born on March 23, 1960. Read Full Biography

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36 Katy John

 QVC UK Presenters

Katy John is a presenter, journalist, narrator, and theater artist. She has appeared in many shows and plays in the UK. She was the lead lady for the Stadium Theater Company. During her time at Abu Dhabi Television and Radio, she read the world news and hosted her TV magazine program and radio slot.

John was one of the former presenters on the QVC shopping channel and went on to title role in the BBC Children’s TV series The SongCatcher. She has appeared in many infomercials and adverts and is currently presenting on the new Craft Channel. Read Full Biography

37 Michaela Hyde

 QVC UK Presenters

Michaela Hyde was one of the former presenters at QVC. She was a guest presenter for the QVC shopping channel from January 2008 to March 2014. During her time at QVC, she specialized in American quilts, handcrafted comforters, and creative cotton and microfibre quilt sets.

Hyde is also a voice-over artist, model, nutritionist, and YouTuber. Currently, she has her own YouTube channel, The Relationship Hub, and she is the executive director of the Marriage Foundation. Read Full Biography

38 Paul Lavers

Paul Lavers is an actor and British television presenter. He has been the presenter for QVC UK, Anglia television, and several other shopping channels.

As an actor, Lavers appeared in As You Like It, Three Sisters, The Friend, The Workhouse Donkey, The Onedin Line, She Stoops to Conquer, Jumpers, The Treasure of Abbot Thomas, and A Ghost Story for Christmas.

Lavers has worked as a presenter for networks like Friendly TV, OneTV, and iBuy. He was born in the year 1950 in Bristol, United Kingdom.

39 Rob Locke

 QVC UK Presenters

Rob Locke is an actor, television host, and voice-over artist based in London and Los Angeles. In 1992, Locke began acting and he was a regular for several shows on the Children’s Channel.

Locke has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, You’re Cut Off! and 2 Broke Girls. He was the narrator for the Old Spice nature adventure and You’re Cut Off!

Locke was born on October 7, 1971, in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England, UK. Read Full Biography

40 Sophia Barnes

Sophia Barnes was one of the former television presenters on the QVC shopping channel.

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41 Steve Whatley

Steven Rae Whatley was a British actor, journalist, and television presenter. She was fondly called the ‘Gadget Man’, ‘Mr. Diamonique’, ‘Whatters’, and ‘Mr. Zhuzh!’

Whatley joined QVC in 1993. During his time at QVC, he was regarded as camp and humorous. He is most remembered for the “Diamonique” jewelry shows he presented, later gaining the nickname ‘Mr. Diamonique’.

Whatley was born on July 11, 1959, in Devon, UK. He died on November 7, 2005.

42 Suzanne Evett

Suzzane Evett was one of the former television presenters on the QVC shopping channel.

43 Tim Goodwin


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