Christmas on Cherry Lane Hallmark Movies, Release Date, Cast, 2023

The Hallmark Movie Christmas on Cherry Lane will premiere on December 9, 2023.

Story of Hallmark Movie Christmas on Cherry Lane

A young couple is getting ready to have their first baby. An older couple, whose kids have moved out, are getting ready to start a new part of their lives together. Another couple gets a surprise chance to have more family members on Christmas Eve. They all celebrate the holiday while dealing with these big changes in their lives.

The Cast of Christmas on Cherry Lane

The lead cast of Christmas On Cherry Lane Hallmark Movie are Jonathan Bennett as Mike , Erin Cahill as Lizzie , Catherine Bell as Regina , John Brotherton as John Hamilton , James Denton as Nelson , Vincent Rodriguez III as Zain Harrelson , Fred Henderson as Frank Sawyer , Amanda Khan as Ann Porter , Eva Tavares as Ivy , James Kot as Brett , Darby Steeves as Vicky Baker ,and Milana Wan as Tina.

1 Jonathan Bennett as Mike

Jonathan Bennett Biography (Age, Height, Weight, Partner, Family, Career & More)

The Cast of Christmas On Cherry Lane- Jonathan Bennett is an American actor and also a television host. He started his first move by moving to New York he pursued acting. He started his search after the completion of his graduation at Otterbein in a theater program.

It was like a coincidence that he was discovered by an agent when he was traveling on a train. After six months he signed for All My Children, the iconic soap opera in which he was J.R. Chandler.  From then on his career was on and on the go. Read Full Bio

2 Erin Cahill as Lizzie

Erin Cahill Biography (Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend & More)

Erin Cahill is an American actress who is 43 years of age as of the year 2023. She was born on January 4, 1980, in Stafford, Virginia, USA. Erin Jessica Cahill is the birth name of Erin Cahill. She is well-known for her performances in Power Rangers Time Force, in How I Met Your Mother as Ted Mosby’s sister Heather and also in Saving Grace as Kendra Burke.

She also has a recurring role in the Red Widow ABC series as Felicity. Erin is also known for her significance as she was the very first female who was a lead one too in the Call of Duty franchise, as Chloe Karma Lynch in Call of Duty: Black Ops II  and also in Resident Evil: Vendetta as Rebecca Chambers. From the year 2016 on she worked primarily in television movies for Lifetime and Hallmark. Read Full Bio

3 Catherine Bell as Regina

Catherine Bell Biography (Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend & More)

Catherine Bell is a British-American actress and model. She was born on August 14, 1968, in London, England, UK. Her birth name is Catherine Lisa Bell. She is well-known for her characters such as Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie in JAG a television series between the years 1997 till 2005.

In the series Army Wives as Denise Sherwood from the year, 2007 till the year 2013 and she has acted in The Good Witch movies and TV series as Cassie aka Cassandra Nightingale which has been a Hallmark project since the year 2008. Read Full Bio

4 John Brotherton as John Hamilton

John Brotherton Biography (Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Family, Career & More)

John Brotherton is an American actor and producer known for his work in films and television series. He is well-known as Matt Harmon in the Netflix series Fuller House.

Brotherton has appeared in several Hallmark movies. His first hallmark movie was Help for the Holidays in 2012. He played the role of Dave Gabriel. The story is about when a little boy from Los Angeles sends an emergency wish to Santa and Santa puts out a special assignment to give the VanCamp family a holiday wake-up call.

In 2021, Brotherton played the role of Ben in the Hallmark movie The Christmas Contest. The movie is about Ben and Lara (both exes) competing in a Christmas contest to win money for the charity of their choosing. Read Full Bio

5 James Denton as Nelson

James Denton Biography (Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend & More)

James Denton is an American actor and musician he was born on 20th January 1963. He is well-known for his roles as Mike Delfino on a  comedy-drama of ABC Desperate Housewives between 2004-2012 and Hallmark Channel’s comedy-drama series Good Witch (2015-2021).

James’ birth name is James Thomas Denton Jr. He was born in Nashville, Tennessee he was raised in Goodlettsville which was a nearby place. He was the second child of three children. His father was a dentist who had been in the military and died in the year 1993. Read Full Bio

6 Vincent Rodriguez III as Zain Harrelson

7 Fred Henderson as Frank Sawyer

The Cast of Christmas On Cherry Lane- Fred Henderson is a Canadian Actor. He is known for his roles in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (year 1989, as Chief Engineer), Totally Killer (year 2023, as Norm Dubasage), This Means War (year 2012, as Older Family Friend), and Final Destination 2 (year 2003, as Dr. Lees). Some of the upcoming projects of Fred Henderson are Christmas on Cherry Lane (as Frank Sawyer) and Mystery on Mistletoe Lane (as Wallace).

Fred Henderson started his acting journey from a TV series named “The Hitchhiker” (year 1987, 1 episode, as Husband). His debut movie is “Shoot to Kill” (year 1988, as Agent Owenby). Read Full Bio

8 Amanda Khan as Ann Porter

9 Eva Tavares as Ivy

10 James Kot as Brett

11 Darby Steeves as Vicky Baker

12 Milana Wan as Tina

Ezra Wilson as Peter Sawyer

Ashton Lim as Sam

Simon Farrell as Hector

Garrett Black as Greg Johnston

Where to Watch Christmas on Cherry Lane?

Viewers can watch Christmas on Cherry Lane on December 09, 2023, Saturday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Hallmark Channel.

Movie Highlights

Movie Christmas on Cherry Lane
Genre  Family
Network  Hallmark Network
Release Date  December 09, 2023
Director  Gail Harvey
Writers Rick Garman

Christmas on Cherry Lane Hallmark Movies, Release Date, Cast, 2023


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